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Job opportunities with Rail

It’s time to love your job. Grow your career with Rail!

King County Metro’s Rail team keeps Link light rail running. And we need more talented people to join us! Currently, light rail travels more than 20 miles between Angle Lake and Northgate. Over the next five years, the Link team will add more than 20 stations and 40 miles of track, ready to move an expected 750,000 passengers daily by 2044. Light rail is a vital part of our growing transportation system and you could be too.










Medical, dental, vision
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Rail positions

Rail’s rapid growth means big opportunities to show off your skills and grow your career, no matter your specialty—from entry-level to skilled trades roles, admin and leadership. Explore great benefits, trainings and exciting paths forward. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of something big around the Puget Sound! Explore your career with Metro and apply for a job with Rail today.


Facilities Mechanic

Earn up to $57.33 per hour


Rail Station Custodian

Earn up to $35.25 per hour


Rail Signals and Communications Technician

Earn up to $57.61 per hour


Rail Electrical Worker

Earn up to $57.77 per hour


Rail Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems Specialist

Earn up to $58.45 per hour


Rail Electro Mechanic

Earn up to $57.33 per hour


Streetcar Operator

Earn up to $43.12 per hour


Rail Operator

Earn up to $43.12 per hour


Rail Supervisor

Earn up to $50.87 per hour


Link Control Center Supervisor

Earn up $59.35 per hour

Hiring process

Here are the steps and timeline to apply for a Rail position—please note it can take up to 6 weeks or more between the day you apply and when you complete the interview and testing process.

  • Submit your application

    • Complete your Rail application on the King County careers page.
    • When you are describing what you did at previous employers, address the skills we have requested in the job announcement in your application materials.
  • Testing and interview

    If your application is found to be competitive, you will be invited to participate in further evaluation of your skills and knowledge such as testing and/or interviews.

    Depending on the Rail position applied for, there may be technical testing, online skills testing or a physical test to demonstrate that you are able to perform the job. Testing will differ by position, or some may not have any testing.

    Candidates who successfully pass any testing will then be invited to an interview.

  • Conditional offer: 4-6 weeks to complete pre-employment

    Based on the results of your interview, you may receive a “conditional” job offer to start. This offer is conditional upon you passing the pre-employment process that includes:

    • A physical exam (job ready, DOT or USCG—paid for by Metro Transit).
    • A 5-year driving record review.
    • Drug screening (only if required).
    • Professional references and/or employment verification.

    You will receive a formal offer when you have successfully passed the required pre-employment process steps.

  • Start your career with Metro

    Once you have passed the pre-employment process, you will get a start date. You will attend a New Employee Orientation and Welcome to Metro presentation as well as safety training and position specific training for your new Rail job. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

General Metro trades

King County Metro is the largest transportation provider in King County. They help people move around using buses, light rail and other services. The Vehicle Maintenance Division is a vital part of the Metro team by making sure all the buses and vehicles work well and stay clean.

The team cares about safety, good relationships, different kinds of work, and helping people move up in their careers. They use technology and training to do their job well and create a place where everyone can learn and grow.

In Vehicle Maintenance, people can learn different skills, move forward in their careers, and grow professionally. The team works together to make sure our communities get the best transportation services. Starting a career in Vehicle Maintenance at Metro opens exciting paths where people can use their leadership skills in Metro Transit and King County.

Transit Facilities takes care of fixing and cleaning all the buildings and places that belong to Metro in King County. Teams handling maintenance and service use technology and products that not only allow them to do their jobs safely and efficiently but are also good for the environment.

The part of the team that manages services makes sure things are safe and looks after everything that belongs to Metro. They follow rules and procedures to make sure everything runs well. The Facilities Division at Metro Transit really values learning and having different kinds of people on the team. Their aim is to give everyone a fair chance to grow personally and professionally while working together as a team.