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ORCA cards

The ORCA card is the easiest way to pay your transit fares in the Puget Sound region. After loading your ORCA card with E-purse (electronic purse) funds, and/or a monthly pass, you’re ready to ride! The ORCA card will automatically track paid fares and transfers, so you don't have to.

There's an ORCA card for everyone!

All customers save money on transit using the ORCA card, with built-in transfer credit and daily and monthly passes. And with reduced fare programs for youth, seniors, customers with disabilities and lower incomes, there’s an ORCA card for every budget. You may qualify for a reduced fare ORCA card.

Find out which fare is right for you

Getting and loading an ORCA card


myORCA app

The myORCA app works together with your ORCA card so you can add funds and manage your account from anywhere, 24/7. Download it now at the:

Retail outlets, vending machines and customer service offices

Find all the places you can get an ORCA card! Buy and reload cards at participating retailers, vending machine locations and customer service offices across the region.

Find your location


888-988-6722, or WA Relay: 711

By mail

Print the order form and mail to:
ORCA Regional Mail Center
KSC TR-0108
201 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104

ORCA options

You can add $5 to $400 onto an ORCA card's E-purse (electronic purse), which works just like a pre-paid debit card. The ORCA tracks your rides and deducts the correct fare each time you tap. When your E-purse balance gets low, simply add value online, at a kiosk, or in person at an ORCA customer service office.

How to add money to your ORCA card E-purse

Youth ages 6–18 can sign up for a Youth ORCA card and ride for free. Children 5 and under ride free with a paying adult. Replacement Youth ORCA cards cost $3.

Learn about ORCA Youth

With ORCA LIFT you have all the power and convenience of the ORCA card system at a fraction of the cost.

If you qualify for the ORCA LIFT program, you'll receive an ORCA LIFT card registered to your name, with the same features as every other ORCA card. You can load E-purse value to pay for trips one at a time or load a monthly PugetPass that lets you take unlimited trips for that calendar month. For any special trips costing a higher fare than your monthly PugetPass, you can add E-purse value.

More about ORCA LIFT

The ORCA Multifamily Development Passport is an annual transportation pass that property owners can offer to residents. This pass gives residents comprehensive access to transit services in the Puget Sound Region, including local and express bus service, Link light rail, Sounder commuter rail, Seattle Center Monorail, Seattle Streetcar, and King County Water Taxi.

More about ORCA Multifamily Passport

The Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) simplifies travel for seniors and riders with disabilities around Puget Sound. Any eligible person may apply for an RRFP card on our Reduced Fare Portal or at an ORCA customer service office.

Senior RRFP cards can also be obtained by mailing the application to our customer service office.

Young riders with disabilities who are age 18 and under should also get a Youth ORCA Youth card to travel fare free. Riders 18 and under who require a personal care attendant (PCA) should apply for both Youth ORCA card and an RRFP card. A special PCA sticker can then be added to a Youth ORCA card to allow personal care attendants to board without paying a fare.

More about RRFP

Enjoy unlimited rides per day on the region's transit services with the ORCA regional day pass.

  • ORCA regional day passes can be purchased at ORCA vending machines, online at or via the MyORCA app for iPhone or Android.
  • Starts with first use and ends at 3 am the next day.
  • Accepted for regular service on public buses, trains, streetcars, and water taxis throughout the Central Puget Sound region.
  • Not valid on King County Metro Access, paratransit services, Kitsap Fast Ferries, or Washington State Ferries. Not available for Autoload.
  • Fares covered with the regional day pass:
    • Adult $3.50
    • RRFP $1.75
    • ORCA LIFT $1.75
  • If your regional day pass does not cover your entire transit fare, you will need to pay the difference with your ORCA card’s E-purse funds. On a bus, fare differences cannot be paid with cash. Keep money loaded onto your E-purse at all times to avoid a negative balance and possible blocked card.
  • ORCA cards are not included in the day pass price. Adult ORCA cards cost $3. ORCA RRFP cards are initially issued at no fee to senior riders (age 65+) and riders with disabilities.

Monthly passes are convenient and cost-efficient for frequent riders. These passes are valid for an unlimited number of trips during a calendar month, up to a certain fare value. You can have E-purse funds and a monthly pass on the same ORCA card at the same time—add E-purse to fund any additional fares beyond what your monthly pass covers.

The cost

Trip value Pass total cost per month
$0.50 $18.00
$0.75 $27.00
$1.00 $36.00
$1.25 $45.00
$1.75 $63.00
$2.00 $72.00
$2.25 $81.00
$2.50 $90.00
$2.75 $99.00
$3.00 $108.00
$3.25 $117.00
$3.50 $126.00
$3.75 $135.00
$4.00 $144.00
$4.25 $153.00
$4.50 $162.00
$4.75 $171.00
$5.00 $180.00
$5.25 $189.00

King County Metro and Sound Transit have partnered to create a new, subsidized annual pass program, allowing qualified riders to travel on select transit in our region at no cost to the customer. The subsidized annual pass is valid for up to 12 calendar months and is renewable each year, provided eligibility requirements are met.

Eligibility & how to apply