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Parking regulations

King County Metro owned and operated parking facilities are only for Metro Transit customers and other authorized individuals. Persons not authorized by Metro Transit or persons involved in unauthorized activities are subject to prosecution for the crime of criminal trespass under applicable ordinances.

Metro Transit is not responsible for loss or damage to a vehicle or its contents from fire, theft, collision or any cause whatsoever. This is not a contract of bailment. Metro Transit is not an insurer and does not guarantee protection.

When using King County Metro Park-and-Rides, transit customers are recommended to:

  • Arrive with enough time to catch your bus without hurrying
  • Turn off your headlights
  • Don't leave valuables in car
  • Remove your garage door opener
  • Close all windows and lock doors
  • Take your keys

Help prevent identity theft by removing paperwork showing your home address or Social Security number from the passenger compartment. Place in trunk or other secure location.

Unauthorized Activities

  • Camping in vehicle
  • Camping on Metro Transit property
  • Defacing Metro Transit property
  • Driver training
  • Dumping waste or garbage
  • Dumping vehicle fluids into drains
  • Leafleting vehicles or structures
  • Installing newspaper, advertising or merchandise vending machines
  • Littering
  • Loitering or panhandling
  • Roller skating or in-line skating
  • Skateboarding
  • Other activities as defined by Metro Transit

Violations for Immediate Impound

Towing information can be found on Usage Guidelines And Regulations signage onsite.

The following violations will be cause for immediate impound, unless written permission has been obtained from Metro Transit:

  • Vehicle blocking entrance, exit, or other vehicle
  • Vehicle blocking fire lane (red or yellow curb)
  • Parking in crosswalk
  • Parking in "disabled" space with no visible state permit
  • Parking within 30 feet of stop sign
  • Parking with trailer attached
  • Unattended trailer
  • Spill-over parking from adjacent businesses
  • Use of lot for residential parking or storage
  • Parking in unpaved area
  • Parking outside of designated space
  • Taking up more than one parking space
  • Parking for "vehicle for sale" activity
  • Parking for on-site repair activities
  • Leaking excessive fluid(s)
  • Exceeding the vehicle load limit of 10,000 lbs. including motorhomes and other commercial and non-commercial vehicles
  • Vehicle unattended for over 72 hours
  • Other activities as defined by Metro Transit

Electric vehicle charging station parking

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at select park-and-rides for transit customer use. Parking spaces at these charging stations are for electric vehicle charging only.

The current rate for Metro's electric vehicle charging stations is $2 per session. Follow the directions at the charging station to charge your vehicle. If a vehicle is parked at the charging station, it must be connected to the charging equipment. Violators will be fined up to $200 and towed at owner's expense (KCC Chapter 4.140.010).

To report violators or malfunctioning equipment, call 206-553-3000.