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Transit Advisory Commission

The Transit Advisory Commission advises Metro and King County on issues relating to transit policy. It was formed in January 2011 by the merger of two former advisory groups, the Transit Advisory Committee and the Accessible Services Advisory Committee.

Low-Income Fare

  • Low-Income Fare Options Advisory Committee—King County formed this committee to assist in the review and development of new King County public transportation fare options for people with low incomes.
  • Low-Income Fare Implementation Task Force—When the King County Council approved a fare change ordinance in March 2014, it also established a task force to review and evaluate the effectiveness of Metro’s plan to implement the new fare for adults with low incomes.

Transit Sounding Boards

When Metro is planning certain projects, such as significant service restructures or planning for new RapidRide lines, we recruit groups of community members called sounding boards to assist with public outreach and input. Members of these groups are chosen to reflect the populations of areas that will be affected by the projects.

Regional Transit Task Force

The Regional Transit Task Force was formed as Metro was facing competing pressures: on one hand, strong demand for transit services countwide; on the other, rising costs and a steep decline in sales-tax revenues—an important source of Metro’s funding.