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Metro requires TWO WEEKS prior notice for work done around any trolley overhead wire.

Trolley notices:

All work done within 10 feet of the overhead wire must be coordinated with this office.

Download the form documents located on the right side of this page:

Effective April 16, 2012

King County Ordinance 16943 requires prepayment of a $1000.00 fee before trolley overhead (TOH) deactivation requests can be fulfilled. Exceptions: "Work done in association with SDOT projects are exempt provided the SDOT contact information is shown on the request form."

Trolley Overhead Deactivation Requests Procedures:
1) The contractor submits completed TOH Deactivation Request form to the CIC via email.
2) If the contractor is not exempt, King County Accounts Receivable (AR) sends an invoice for the deactivation fee to the contractor.
3) The contractor submits the cash or check payment in person to King County Finance & Business Operations Division.
4) CIC processes the request and sends the approved form to the contractor.
5) King County Power & Facilities sends an invoice to the contractor for the deactivation charges.

Cancellation of Trolley Overhead Deactivation Requests:
1) The contractor notifies the CIC of cancellation.
2) The CIC notifies AR of the cancellation.
If the notification is made prior to the deadline, AR will issue a 50% refund of the TOH deactivation fee. Cancellations received after the deadline result in forfeiture of the fee.

Two Weeks Prior to Weekend of Deactivation
Monday 4:00 PM:
   Toh Deactivation Request form submitted to CIC.

The Week of the Deactivation
Monday 10:00 AM:
    Fee payment submitted to AR.

Thursday 4:00 PM:   Cancellation of TOH deactivation requests for 50% refund.

Fee Payment Location:
Department of Executive Services
Finance & Business Operations Division
500 4th Avenue, Room 620
Seattle, WA 98104

For concerns related to the fee payment process, please contact: Metro Customer Services

Other information:

  • Some construction work requires the rerouting of buses for lane or street closures that may also impact electric trolley bus service. Electric buses can be switched for diesel buses but only on Saturdays and Sundays.The CIC will organize on-site meetings with Metro Power Distribution personnel and Contractors to evaluate construction needs in relationship to electric buses and overhead wires.

Overhead wires:

The trolley overhead system operates at 700 volt DC. Overhead height is approximately 16 to 18 feet. State law prohibits any work within 10 feet of the overhead. Contact this office for information on special permits.