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About Transit Now


In 2006, King County voters approved the Transit Now initiative. This .01 percent sales-tax increase was intended to fund an expansion of transit service by up to 20 percent over 10 years to keep pace with regional growth and demand. This plan included the addition of:

  1. About 100,000 annual service hours to create five new RapidRide corridors (2010-2013)
  2. About 50,000 hours for rapidly developing areas
  3. About 130,000 hours through service partnerships (90,000 funded by Metro, plus about 40,000 funded by partners)
  4. About 350,000 hours for Metro’s high-ridership routes and corridors.
  5. Expanded rideshare, paratransit, and community-based services.

Metro implemented most planned Transit Now service expansions as planned through 2009. Since then, the economic recession has resulted in lower sales tax revenue than expected, and most elements of the Transit Now program have been suspended. learn more

Metro continues to develop RapidRide and approved service partnerships.

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