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High-ridership routes

Hours added: 61,900

Studies show that when passengers can count on service being available at all times of day, ridership increases—even during commute hours. A portion of Transit Now funding was earmarked to add service on routes that have high ridership, with the goal of producing a network of routes with all-day, two-way bus service that connects residential, business, and recreational centers throughout the county.

What's happened

Metro added more than 60,000 hours of service in high-ridership corridors named in the Transit Now ordinance.

In 2009, Metro added more service on Route 8 and extended Route 36 to the new Othello light rail station. Changes to routes 8 and 36 were part of a larger set of changes to more than 20 routes to improve connections between Metro buses and Link light rail.

Routes that received additional service under Transit Now

RouteHigh-ridership corridor
8 Capitol Hill—Seattle Center
15 Ballard—Downtown Seattle
18 Ballard—Downtown Seattle
36 Beacon Hill—Downtown Seattle
41 Northgate—Downtown Seattle
44 Ballard—University District
101 Renton—Downtown Seattle
120 Burien—Downtown Seattle
140 Renton—Burien
164 Kent—Green River Community College
180 Kent—SeaTac
181 Auburn/Green River Community College—Federal Way
221 Redmond—Eastgate/Factoria
230 Bellevue—Redmond
234 Kirkland—Bellevue
245 Kirkland—Eastgate/Factoria
248 Kirkland—Redmond
253 Bellevue—Redmond
269 Issaquah—Redmond
271 Bellevue—Eastgate/Bellevue Community College
358 Aurora Village—Downtown Seattle

RapidRide corridors

The corridors where RapidRide service is planned also are high-ridership corridors.

High-ridership corridor
A 174 Federal Way—SeaTac
B 230, 253 Bellevue—Redmond
C 54 West Seattle—Downtown Seattle
D 15, 18 Ballard—Downtown Seattle
E 358 Aurora Village—Downtown Seattle
F Burien-Renton
photo: bus

Route 36 was extended to Othello Station in September 2009.

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High-ridership route improvements (view larger)