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Volunteering & environmental stewardship

Find outdoor volunteer events near you.  Get conservation ideas.  Transition to clean energy. Restore nature where you live and help regenerate diverse and healthy ecology.

Earth Week 2024

Earth Week comes around once a year, but our actions make the Puget Sound region the best place to live, work, and play all year long. Together, we can ensure future generations will also enjoy nature.

The Dirt: Hands-on volunteer ideas that help our environment

Choose from a variety of volunteer programs from tree plantings to joining repair clinics.

Basin Stewards Program

Contact King County staff to answer local questions related to water and land. Basin Stewards are are familiar with specific watersheds, their local communities and natural resources as well as who does what in government.

Sustainable building

Ideas for developers, architects, engineers and homeowners to build in ways that can continue forever.

Green Globe Award

Presented every two years, these awards recognize organizations, businesses, and individuals who have gone the extra mile in protecting our environment, managing natural resources, and benefiting community resilience and ensuring environmental justice for all.

3 Million Trees

Help plant, protect and prepare 3 million trees in King County by 2025.

Land stewardship

Ways to develop from King County Code along four "tracks" such as building or remodeling a house, farming or raising livestock or taking care of forest lands or other resources.

Rural stewardship planning

On lands zoned RA, streamline the permit process and change buffers by committing to protect natural resources on your property.

Forest stewardship planning

Achieve your forestry objectives by planning to protect and improve forest health.

Environmental education

Programs that help learners at any age learn about our local environment and our organized efforts to protect nature from damage.

Northwest natural yard and garden

Earth-friendly tools and tips to conserve resources, reduce pollution, support sustainability and biodiversity in the maritime Pacific Northwest region.

How to set up a rain barrel or cistern

Save rainwater to water thirsty plants later, reduce your stormwater runoff and also reduce your water bill.

Stormwater runoff pollution and how to reduce it

Help keep lakes, streams and Puget Sound clean and healthy.

Land conservation

King County is buying and protecting urban green space, farmlands, forest lands and trails before the last best places are gone.

Conservation Futures Program

Grants that help protect forests, farms and recreation areas across King County.

Lake Stewardship Program

Get advice and training from lake experts, and grants to monitor and manage clean water in King County's many lakes and ponds.