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Food & yard waste

Information about composting food and yard waste.

Composting food and yard waste helps the environment and can cut down on your waste costs.  Almost 35% of what ends up in the landfill is organic waste like yard debris, food scraps, and food-soiled paper.

Composting is not only the cheaper option for you, but it's good for the earth.  In the landfill, food and yard waste produces more methane, contributing to climate change.  Composting turns it into a nutrient-rich product that supports healthy soil and plants.  

Residential collection

Information on compost collection for households.

How to compost right

Learn which items can go in the compost bin. 

Commercial organics diversion

Learn about your business or commercial property’s options for diverting food and yard waste.

Backyard composting

Find out about creating a backyard or on-site compost system.

Donating edible food

In addition to helping feed members of our community, donating edible food can reduce waste, mitigate climate impacts, and provide cost savings for businesses.