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Previous participants don't need to sign up again

Previous participants

Schools and districts that participated before don't need to sign up again. Instead, email to share current contact(s) at your school or district. Please include :

•  Name
•  Position
•  Email address
•  Phone number
•  Best times to reach you by phone
•  Your goals for the current school year and/or your questions and what help you need


Public and private K-12 schools and school districts in King County, outside the City of Seattle, are eligible to sign up for the program. Student teams in participating schools are eligible to receive guidance and recognition.

Sign up

Recruit at least 1 staff member to serve as the contact for the Green Schools Program

  • For schools signing up to participate
    School staff who could serve as a program contact include: Custodians; Teachers and student team advisors; Principals or assistant principals; Other school employees
  • For districts signing up to participate
    District staff who could serve as a program contact include: Resource conservation manager; Food services/Nutrition services director; Operations or maintenance supervisor; Transportation director; Purchasing manager; Superintendent; Capital projects director; Similar district positions

Students, student teams, and family or community volunteers can also serve as contacts at either the school or district level.

Form a student team (optional)

A student team such as a Green Team, Associated Student Body, or other student group is encouraged, but is not required for a school to receive help or recognition. After you sign up, we can advise on how to form or strengthen a student team.

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