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Green Schools Program levels

Our Green Schools Program is structured into three levels.

Level One focuses on waste reduction and recycling. Level Two explores energy conservation. Level Three looks at water conservation. Each topic comes with a best practices guide.

Beyond Level Three, schools and districts can be recognized as “Sustaining” each year they sustain and build on Level One, Level Two, and Level Three practices.

We also provide further conservation topics for participants to explore.

Green Schools Program levels

Waste reduction & recycling (level one)

All Green Schools participants start by learning about waste reduction and recycling.

Energy conservation (level two)

Energy conservation is the focus of level two.

Water conservation (level three)

Water conservation is the focus of level three.

Sustaining level

Learn how to build on conservation practices covered in levels one through three.

More Green Schools Program conservation topics

Green building

Learn about designing and renovating facilities for sustainability

Healthy schools

Learn about health and wellness, hazardous products, and safe disposal

Litter reduction

Learn how to decrease litter in your school community


Learn about transportation options and how transportation relates to climate change