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Waste reduction & recycling (level one)

Level One of the King County Green Schools Program covers how to reduce waste and set up or maintain effective recycling practices.

Make a positive impact

By rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling products, schools can help reduce:

  • Depletion of natural resources, such as trees, oil, water, and metals, needed to make new products.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change.
  • Pollution caused by mining, manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of products.
  • Landfill gas emissions.
  • Garbage disposal costs.

Guides and resources

Best practices for Schools

Schools can use the guide and resources below to begin and improve practices and to educate staff and students on best practices for waste reduction and recycling.

Download the Waste Reduction and Recycling Best Practices Guide for Schools

More resources on waste reduction and recycling:

School Recognition

See the best practices guide above for a list of recognition requirements for Level One. Fill out this school recognition form* once your school meets the criteria.

*You can complete the form in multiple sessions by selecting the "Save" button on the bottom right. You'll receive a link in your email to continue filling out the form. Once the form is complete, select the "Submit" button.

Best practices for School Districts

Download the Waste Reduction and Recycling Best Practices Guide for School Districts