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Energy conservation (level two)

Level Two of the King County Green Schools Program covers how to conserve energy in your school, district, and community.

Reducing energy use helps decrease emissions that contribute to climate change. Conserving energy also saves you money. After salaries, schools and school districts spend the most budget on utilities such as electricity and heat.

Best practices guide

Download the Energy Conservation Best Practices Guide for Schools


Schools and school districts are recognized after they complete Level Two criteria, which includes maintaining Level One waste reduction and recycling practices.

School Recognition

Use the best practices guide for a list of recognition requirements for Level Two. Fill out this school recognition form* once your school meets the criteria.

*You can complete the form in multiple sessions by selecting the "Save" button on the bottom right. You'll receive a link in your email to continue filling out the form. Once the form is complete, select the "Submit" button.

School District Recognition

Level Two tools

Download and print these energy conservation tools:

Signs and Stickers

Download and print these signs. Participating schools may request color copies by emailing:

Reports on energy usage

Resources from other organizations

Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

Incentives for PSE commercial customers, including school districts

Use the map to determine if you are a PSE customer or contact your school district facility manager or resource conservation manager

Seattle City Light

Call 206-256-5200 to find out if your district or school is served by Seattle City Light.

Seattle City Light contacts:

Energy Calculators

Computer energy conservation

Find tips for saving on electricity, including computer energy conservation at Michael Bluejay, Inc.

Educational campaigns