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King County agencies and partnerships 

King County Environmental Laboratory

The King County Environmental Laboratory supports County and other publicly-sponsored programs that protect and enhance water quality. The lab provides quality field, laboratory, information technology services, and advisory services.

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King County Wastewater Treatment Division

The Industrial Waste Program is a part of King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division. WTD protects public health and the environment by conveying and treating the region's wastewater, preventing water pollution, and improving water quality while recycling natural resources. The county's sewer system serves about 1.9 million people within a 424-square-mile service area, which includes most urban areas of King County and parts of south Snohomish County and northeast Pierce County.

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Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County

This program helps residents, businesses, and government agencies safely use, store, and dispose of hazardous materials. It is a regional program of local governments working together to protect public health and environmental quality. 

Visit the King County Hazardous Waste Management Program

King County local sewer agencies

Find information about the local sewer agencies in King County's wastewater service area. This includes links to the King County Council's Regional Water Quality Committee, and the Metropolitan Water Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee (MWPAAC).

Find more information about local sewer agencies in King County


The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)

NACWA represents the interests of the country's wastewater treatment agencies. NACWA maintains a key role in the development of environmental legislation and works closely with federal regulatory agencies in the implementation of environmental programs.

Visit the National Association of Clean Water Agencies

State and federal agencies

Washington State Department of Ecology

State of Washington's principal environmental management agency.

Visit the Washington State Department of Ecology

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA is the federal agency created in 1970 to permit coordinated and effective governmental action, for protection of the environment by the systematic abatement and control of pollution, through integration of research monitoring, standard setting, and enforcement activities.

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Technical assistance organizations

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)

The PPRC is a non-profit organization that is one of the Northwest's leading sources of pollution prevention (P2) information.

Visit the Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Washington State certified labs

The Department of Ecology is the accrediting institution in Washington State for environmental laboratories, including those that test drinking water. Accreditation of environmental laboratories ensures a lab is capable of providing accurate and defensible analytical data. Many grant-based or legislatively mandated scientific studies require the use of an accredited laboratory. 

The Washington State Department of EcologyTREE (Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency) Team

TREE provides efficiency services for manufacturing and industrial facilities including a technical assistance team made up of engineers and scientists. They use current state assessments and engineering analysis to improve the efficiency of your operations without sacrificing the quality of your products. 

The Water Smart Technology Program

Part of the Saving Water Partnership of Seattle, participating local water utilities offer water conservation rebates and technical assistance to eligible commercial, industrial, and institutional customers of water providers.