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What do we mean by “domestic” and “non-domestic” septage? 

Domestic septage is essentially kitchen and bathroom wastewater from residential and commercial septic systems. Non-domestic septage is kitchen and bathroom wastewater that’s been mixed in with other wastewater that a business generates.

We accept it as long as the business has received approval to dispose of the wastewater from the King County Industrial Waste Program

We accept the following types of septage: 

  • Domestic septage (defined as any liquid or solid material removed from a septic tank, cesspool, portable toilet, Type III marine sanitation device, or similar treatment works that receives only domestic sewage) 
  • Chemical toilet waste 
  • Cesspool waste  
  • Privy contents  
  • Liquid waste collected from the collection system that serves the South, West Point, Carnation, or Brightwater treatment plants 
  • Commercial wastes that have been pre-approved by the King County Industrial Waste Program 

*For a complete list of definitions of the types of septage we accept, see page 5 of the Annual Septage Disposal Permit.

We don’t accept the following types of septage: 

  • Non-domestic commercial wastes received from a customer without a King County Industrial Waste pre-approval number
  • Hazardous or dangerous waste, as defined in King County Code 28.82.330