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2023 Annual Haulers Virtual Meeting Agenda

October 31, 2023
South Treatment Plant

Welcome and Introductions
Jim Pitts, King County 

Disposal Rate for 2024 (09:00)
Luke Slaughterbeck, King County

WTD Finance Announcements & Program Requirements for Industrial Waste (14:50)
Greg Newborn, King County

Re-certification applications for Public Health (29:15)
Vehicle Inspection for Public Health (33:40)
Report on Public Health activities funded by 1-cent surcharge (36:10)
Doug Jones, King County

Review of Septage permit and Application Fees for 2024 & Info from the Septage Coordinator (44:32)
Chris Tinnin, King County

Q&A (01:02:20)
Chris Tinnin, King County