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Getting permitted

Steps and information on how to get permitted to dispose of domestic (residential) and non-domestic (commercial) septage.

Follow these steps to get permitted

All haulers disposing of septage at our facility must receive permits to do so. 
  • Obtain a Certificate of Competency

  • Submit an Annual Disposal Permit

    Sign and submit an Annual Septage Disposal Permit to the septage disposal coordinator.
  • Provide proof of liability coverage

    Submit proof of King County required liability coverage to the septage disposal coordinator with the following minimum requirements: 

    • Automobile liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence. 
    • Each policy shall include King County, its officers, officials, employees, and agents as additional insured. 

    Additionally, if you want to dispose of non-domestic (commercial) septage at our facility you must:  

  • Obtain pre-approval from KCIW 

    Provide the septage disposal coordinator with a pre-approval number to dispose of non-domestic septage from the King County Industrial Waste Program (KCIW) for the business/commercial establishment you are hauling from.

Are you a business that contracts with haulers?

Businesses can start the process of obtaining a pre-approval number by filling out the Industrial Waste Septage Acceptance Application. More information on the approval process can be found here. Unsure if you need pre-approval to dispose of your septage? Read King County Industrial Waste Program’s Hauled Waste Guidelines