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Access Transportation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires equal access to public transportation for persons with disabilities. One of Metro’s core values is equity, and we proudly uphold ADA law by providing accessible service to riders with disabilities across our entire transit system. For anyone whose disability prevents them from riding traditional buses and trains, Metro's Access Transportation program operates a network of accessible vans. Access helps customers ride from their starting location to many local destinations within the King County Metro service area.

Service delays

Access is currently experiencing service delays due to reduced workforce availability. Customers are advised to prepare for delays and allow for extra time when making travel plans.

Access newsletter

Keep up on the latest news for Access Transportation.


To ride Access Transportation, you must be 6 years of age or older and qualify for service. Before applying, please note that to sign up “Your disability must prevent you from performing the tasks needed to ride regular bus service some or all of the time."

To see if Access is for you, please complete our helpful online self-assessment.

How to apply

  • Anyone interested in riding Access should complete a self-assessment form to receive an application.
  • Applications must be co-signed by a healthcare professional to be considered complete.
  • An in-person evaluation at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle is part of the decision process. This evaluation appointment—and transportation there and back—is free.
  • Access Transportation will make a decision about your application within 21 calendar days after we receive all information necessary to determine your eligibility.

Denial and appeals process

  • If your application is turned down or given a “conditionally eligible” decision, you may appeal the decision within 60 days.
  • Appeal information is provided with all decision letters.
  • If a designated Appeal Administrator cannot decide your appeal within 30 days of your appeal hearing, Access Transportation will provide service to you while a final decision is made.

Book your ride

Book online with Access Trip Manager

Book, manage and track most ride requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Before your first trip, sign up for Access Trip Manager
  • Call Access Rider Services at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711) to add frequent destinations to your account.
  • Schedule a ride one to seven days in advance.
  • Schedule your ride by 5:00 pm on the day before you need to travel.
  • Review your past and future trips.
  • On the day of your trip, receive live ride notifications and track your van’s progress.

Book your ride by telephone

Phone reservations can be requested from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

  • Call the Access Rideline at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711).
  • Calling from outside the Seattle area? Dial 1-866-205-5001 (WA Relay: 1-800-833-6384).
  • Trips between two or more counties must be scheduled by 4:30 p.m. on the day before you need to travel.

Once you’ve qualified, you can make a request for your Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to ride with you aboard Access at no cost. You can also bring another friend or family member on each trip, but they must pay a regular fare.


You can choose to get dropped off more than 30 minutes early for your trips using an Access program called “Rider’s Choice.”

Why Rider's Choice?

  • Early arrival means more time at your destination and less stress about arriving late for appointments.
  • You are more likely to be taken directly to your destination.
  • Your trip is more likely to be scheduled on a taxi.


You can request early drop-off in four ways:

  1. When requesting a Subscription Service trip, let the reservation agent know.
  2. During your individual trip reservation process.
  3. During the Access certification or recertification process.
  4. If you arrive at your destination and want to exit early, tell the driver.


Do you regularly ride to and from the same places? Sign up for our Subscription Service to easily add those appointments and addresses to your profile. Call the Access Rideline at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711) to submit a Subscription Service request.


Holiday Date Service Level
Presidents' Day February 19, 2024 Weekday
Memorial Day May 17, 2024 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
Juneteenth June 19, 2024 Weekday
Independence Day July 4, 2024 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
Labor Day September 2, 2024 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
Indigenous Peoples' Day October 14, 2024 Weekday
Veterans Day November 11, 2024 Weekday
Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2024 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
Mark McLaughlin Day November 29, 2024 Weekday
Subscription Service canceled
Christmas Day December 25, 2024 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
New Year's Day January 1, 2025 Sunday
Subscription Service canceled
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 20, 2025 Weekday

Please note:

  • Except for dialysis and life-sustaining medical trips, all Subscription Service is canceled if listed on the chart.
  • To schedule a ride for a holiday, contact the Access call center one to seven days before you need to travel.
  • Other local transit agencies may not follow the same holiday schedule as Metro—visit other transit agencies' websites for their holiday information.


Description One-Way Monthly
Access Fare (19+ years old) $1.75 $63.00
Youth (0-18 years old) Free Free
Personal Care Attendant Free Free
Service Animal Free Free

Payment methods

*Customers must contact Metro Customer Information at 206-553-3000 (WA Relay: 711) before a monthly pass can be accepted on Access. Passes are only available through the ORCA fare system.

Ride the bus for less

All King County Metro buses are accessible to customers with disabilities. If your disability doesn’t prevent you from riding traditional Metro bus service, these trips will cost you less than riding Access (Metro bus rides will cost $1.00 compared to a $1.75 ride on Access.). Our Transit Instruction Program is available and ready to support you.

What if I live outside King County?

The following agencies have a joint eligibility agreement. What does that mean? If you’ve qualified for one agency, any will let you ride.

Please apply for paratransit services within the county where you live.

Track your ride

Would you like to know when your van is nearby? Access has options to help! Get live trip information on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

(All times provided to customers are estimates and might change due to traffic conditions or other factors. Real-time information may not be available on all trips.)

Advanced call and text

  • Receive a text message before your van arrives.
  • Before your next ride, set up notifications with Access Rider Services.

Access ETA

  • Access can provide you with the following real-time trip information through our automated system. Pick-up times, beginning 15 minutes before your pick-up window begins.
  • Drop-off times, after you've boarded the Access vehicle.

Call Access at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711). At the main menu press 1 and follow the prompts.

Access Trip Manager

  • See your van’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) and track its progress in real-time on a live map.

Enroll online to start using Access Trip Manager and its features.


Access dispatchers can provide you with details about your trip.

Call Access at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711). At the main menu press 3 to speak with a dispatcher.


When snow or ice is predicted, Access might be affected.

To see if your trips are delayed or canceled:


If Access service is suspended:

  • Vehicles may still be available for emergency services.
  • Access will try to provide service to customers when notified of an essential trip.
  • Staff will make the final decision about whether your trip can still be provided safely.

Service animals for persons with disabilities can ride Access for free.

Service animals must remain on their owner's lap or on the floor, without blocking the aisle. If this is not an option, the service animal may occupy a seat if one is available.


Small dogs who remain on their owner's lap ride for free. Fare for all other dogs must be paid.

Pets other than dogs are not allowed on Access unless they are in a carrier. Fare is not required.

If a service animal's or pet’s behavior threatens the safety or comfort of the driver or other passengers, their owner will be asked to exit the van along with the animal. Boarding can also be denied from the beginning of a trip for safety reasons.

For visitors

If you live outside of our Washington state Puget Sound region and have a disability that prevents you from riding our traditional bus service, you may qualify as a visitor under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To qualify:

  • You are certified ADA eligible by another transit provider
  • You can provide necessary documentation of a disability; or
  • You self-certify that your disability prevents you from using Metro’s regular transit transportation system. 


You may then use Metro’s Access Transportation for a total of 21 days within a 365-day period. If you use Access Transportation services for more than 21 days within the 365-day period, you must apply for regular ADA paratransit eligibility with King County Metro.

To ride as a visitor

To establish visitor status, contact Access’s Transportation Certification Office at 206-263-3113 before you travel to King County. Visitor Service requests are completed by staff within one business day of receiving them.

  • Contact Access up to two hours before your pick-up window begins and you will not receive a penalty.
  • Call the Access Rideline at 206-205-5000 (WA Relay: 711) or use the online Access Trip Manager.

You may receive a penalty if you cannot or do not cancel your ride with enough notice to Access.

  • If you cancel less than two hours before your pickup window starts, you will be considered late and receive half a point penalty.
  • If you cancel after your 30-minute pickup window starts, you will receive a full point penalty.


Even if you cannot cancel early, please contact us as soon as possible, especially if you have other trips scheduled that same day. If you are assigned two or less penalty points per month, you will not face consequences.

Possible suspension

If you receive three or more penalty points recorded in one month, Access will need to review your trips and eligibility to ride.

  • We will look at each ride where points were assigned and see if anything was out of your control/you were incorrectly given penalty points. If a correction is necessary, we’ll make it for you.
  • If something negative occurs on at least 15% of your rides, we may suggest suspension and notify you with a mailed letter. Let’s work together and ensure this doesn’t happen for you.

No penalty points will be recorded if you have to cancel your trip late or did not board the vehicle because of something Access has done.

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