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Community Supervision (probation) - Juvenile Court Services

How we help youth fulfill court-ordered obligations and prevent their return to the justice system.

Community Supervision, or Probation, helps you meet court requirements. Juvenile Probation Counselors (JPCs) collaborate with your parents/guardians, schools, law enforcement, and others in the community to provide opportunities for achievement. 

Find out more about this pillar of Juvenile Therapeutic Response & Accountability Court (JTRAC) by checking out our Positive Youth Justice video below or on Vimeo.

The Juvenile Probation Counselor (JPC)

The JPC is an impartial participant in the legal process. JPCs work with you during each step of the court process. When you are first referred to the Court, your JPC meets you and your family, conducts an assessment, and sets up a plan with you. They make referrals to services and help you stick to your plan with encouragement and incentives.

In court, the JPC provides the judge with recommendations. These recommendations include community programs where you and your family can get support. In less common scenarios, JPCs can recommend placement outside of the community. This happens if there is a significant safety risk. Your JPC assists you to meet court-ordered conditions until you are no longer involved with the court.

If you are not following the court order, your JPC tries to help identify the reason and help you get back on track. Your JPC may bring you back to court and ask the court to review your case.

In most cases, your JPC is in the field office closest to your home.

JPCs work in 4 community-based offices in

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