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Mentors are people who want to make a positive difference in a young person's life. Volunteer to help youth.

Juvenile Court Services partners with community organizations for one-to-one mentorship and group mentorship. Mentors are local providers who want to make a positive difference in a young person's life. They support mentees and build resources through one-on-one and group activities. Their work can help youth overcome identified challenges or barriers to their success. Mentors check-in their mentees weekly by phone, social media, in person, and in groups.

We accept referrals year-round for youth who are court involved or at risk of being court involved.

Our mentoring approach is called “Credible Messenger” mentoring. Credible Messengers are from the same communities as those they serve. Our trained mentors (often previously incarcerated citizens) have relevant life experiences. They are paid professionals, not volunteers.

Learn more about this approach by visiting the Credible Messenger Justice Center website.


As a mentor, you invest time and build connections with youth. Mentors with shared life experience help youth navigate challenging times in their life. Relationships developed through our mentorship model create the opportunity to increase awareness and growth for both you and mentee.  It has proven to provide long lasting positive effects for young people. We recruit, train, and run background checks on volunteers.