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E-Working Copies

You can submit working copies to the King County Superior Court through the Clerk’s eFiling Application. The Clerk's eWorking Copies service will deliver your submitted working copies to the Court.

The time you submit your eWorking Copies submission is the time your working copies are considered received by the Court. If you have a noon deadline, please submit your eWorking copies by 11:59 a.m.

Working Copies Frequently Asked Questions

  1. It replaces trips to the courthouse by you, your staff or messenger service saving time and valuable resources.
  2. It provides guaranteed delivery times to judges and commissioners.
  3. The time you submit your eWorking Copies to the Clerk is the time they are considered received by the Court.
  4. You are able to provide proof of your eWorking copies submissions, thereby alleviating fears that they will be lost in the mailroom or delivered to the wrong Court.

A great benefit of using eWorking Copies is that you do not need to build in extra time to meet your deadline (other than the time required to submit via eWorking Copies). Your working copies are considered received by the Court as soon as they are received by the Clerk.

Please note that all local rules determining your deadlines for submission of working copies apply regardless of whether you are submitting them electronically via the Clerk or in paper form.

We guarantee delivery to the court within one business day. However, on submissions with a hearing date on the following day, your working copies will be delivered by 1:00 p.m. if received by noon. If working copies are received after noon for a hearing the following day, they will be delivered by 8:00 a.m. the following day.

There is not an expedited service at this time.

Once you have completed your working copies submission, you will be presented with a confirmation page that you may either save to your computer or print for your records. The confirmation page will display the documents that you submitted as working copies, as well as the date and time your submission was received (and therefore considered received by the Court).

We will print your eWorking Copies on a high-resolution color printer so any color in the file (such as highlighting or photographs) will be reproduced.  If you are including photos, sending the original electronic file will ensure the highest color print quality and resolution.

Yes. Electronic filing of working copies is not mandatory. If you prefer to continue to submit the judge’s working copies in paper form you may do so, pursuant to LCR 7(b).

Full color, high resolution presentation of documents.

Easy and instant receipt of working copies by the Court.

Corrections can be make to your working copies set-up until the point of delivery.


Phone: 206-477-3021

"Reply" submissions received by noon for a hearing on the same day are guaranteed to be delivered by 1:00 p.m. the same day.

All other submissions will be delivered within one business day.

It does not.  Working Copies (electronic or paper) are required for noted hearings, hearings on the Family Law calendar, and hearings in the Ex Parte and Probate Department.

Working Copies are not required for Ex Parte via the Clerk submissions.

$40.00 for each set delivered, plus an eCommerce transaction fee ($1.00 or $2.49) for each submission.