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Pollution Prevention Assistance Program

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We offer free assistance to help businesses find and fix potential pollution issues. This can save businesses money in improved processes, materials, and disposal costs— and help protect employees, customers, and the environment. Pollution prevention means helping businesses find less toxic products, safely store chemicals, reduce disposal costs, learn to prevent and clean up spills, and keep toxics out of the environment. We visit many types of businesses and can share best practices. We work with the Washington State Department of Ecology and other partners to help businesses stay up with regulatory changes, keep employees safe, protect your investment, and stop polluted rainwater from flowing into our creeks, lakes, and rivers.

Where can I get more information?

Check out the links below to learn more about ways you can reduce pollution on your property

Pollution Prevention Partnership

The Pollution Prevention Partnership is comprised of representatives from cities, counties, and health districts. Funding assistance is provided by the Washington State Department of Ecology and allows the program to provide free hands-on-assistance to Small Quantity Generators (typically small businesses and organizations) who wish to improve their practices by reducing impacts to human health and the environment.

This is accomplished through technical assistance visits that are designed to reduce or eliminate hazardous waste and pollutants at the source. A local pollution prevention specialist will meet with your organization to evaluate current activities and practices. They will discuss concerns, observations, solutions, and work directly to help solve common challenges around dangerous wastes, stormwater, solid waste, and spill prevention. This collaborative process limits liability, reduces risk, and improves work environments.

If you would like to learn more about this program, or to request a technical assistance visit, contact Bob Bernhard at or call 206-263-8979.

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