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Illegal dumping

Learn how to file a complaint about illegal dumping.

About illegal dumping in King County

Illegal dumping is the dumping of solid waste onto the surface of the ground or into the waters of the state, except at a permitted disposal site. It's known in the regulations as "unlawful" dumping. Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, abandoned vehicles or parts, demolition and construction waste, and recyclable materials, to name a few.

How to file a complaint

For King County residents outside of Seattle:

For City of Seattle residents:

Why illegal dumping is a public health problem

  • Decomposing garbage and other solid waste can provide food and a home for rats, other rodents, and other disease vectors. A vector is an insect or animal that has the potential to carry disease.
  • Illegal dumping can directly impact people’s health, as well as contaminate the soil and our water supply. This can create downstream health effects on people and the environment.
  • By creating eyesores on our streets, illegal dumping reduces our quality of life, property values, and a feeling of safety and well-being in our communities.