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On-site sewage design application, process flow, and directions

Learn how a licensed on-site sewage system designer can submit a design application online.

Please note that you must complete an application in its entirety. So, please make sure that you have all the necessary information and application documents before you start an application. You can review:

Site design application form (221 KB)

On-site sewage/septic fees (86.5 KB)

Application document checklist


Type of document

Additional instructions

Conditions that initiate requirement


Vicinity Map

Must include gate code, presence of dogs, and details needed for the inspector to locate the proposed/existing well and on-site sewage system site

Required for all applications


Detailed Site Plans and specifications

Maximum paper size is 11” x 17” (Detailed site plan: 1” to 20’ or the largest scale that will allow; Overall site plan may be scaled as needed for example, 1” to 50’ or 100’; Sewage Tank Invert & Plumbing Stub Elevations; and Details of proposal per Title 13 Code requirements – remember to check neighboring properties for wells, on-site sewage system, and storm water systems

Required for all applications


Hydraulic Calculations

Should include clear calculations, preferably on a single page

Required for all applications


Soil Log Data

Minimum of 5 soil logs - 2 each drain field & reserve area + 1 for tank(s) (Remember to document the soil log for the septic tank).


If a treatment device, such as a sand filter or ATU unit, is greater than thirty feet from the wastewater tanks, then one soil log shall be located in the area of the treatment device.

Required for all applications


Treatment Product Specifications

Document only what is needed for design and installation – documentation that is available in the design manual does not need to be included

Required for all applications


Critical Area Designation


Required for new on-site sewage design

 7 Sewer Letter 

Sewer letter should state what the distance from property line to nearest sewer is greater or less than 200 feet

Required for -n-site sewage system in urban area


Valid (one year) water Availability Letter


Required if property is in public water system area


Current Bacteria test

  If Applicable

Nitrate test and Arsenic Result

  If Applicable

Draft well covenant(s)


Required if water source is “Proposed Private Individual Well”

 12 Copies of covenants  

Required if water source is “Existing Private Individual Well”


Proof of lot segregation date


Required if water source is “Proposed Private Individual Well” and property is less than 5 acres.




If Drainfield Easement

 14 Well construction log  

Required if water source is “Existing Private Individual Well”

 15 Easement survey   If Applicable

Draft Drainfield easement language

  Required If Drainfield Easement

Draft easement language

  If Applicable
 18 Other_1  

Optional for any type of applications

 19 Other_2  

Optional for any type of applications

Instructions for submitting on-site design application

  • Go to Environmental Health's online services portal.
  • If you are a new user, click on "First-time users register here".
  • If you previously created an account, click on "Registered users log in here".
  • Once you are logged in, from the left side menu, click on "OSS plan review".
  • Click on "Add OSS Plan Review" and complete the application process and attach your application document.
  • After you have completed the application and paid your fee, you will be able to print the application for your records, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can check the status of your application at