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Find resources and tips on installing water heaters, gas piping, waste pipes, and more.

Code books and information

Access guidelines to make sure that your project design is Plumbing Code compliant and will pass inspection.

Domestic dishwasher connections

View domestic dishwasher discharge diagrams to make sure your project meets Plumbing Code.

Drainage and venting fixture unit values

Find information about how plumbing loading works within the Plumbing Code. For example, if you are adding a bathroom to your house, you can see whether an existing drain pipe is large enough.

Installing gas piping

Learn how to properly size your gas piping system. For example, use this information to determine if an existing gas pipe has the capacity to add an exterior barbeque or fire pit.

Installing a new water heater

Learn about the legal and safety standards you need for your water heater project.

Installing a new waterline

Learn about safe, efficient, and legal installation of a new water line.

Medical gas

Learn about the building systems in health care facilities that must be designed to meet system Category 1 through 4 requirements as detailed in this code.

Waste and vent pipe installation

Learn about the installation of waste and vent pipe fittings, and view pipe fitting styles.

Water supply fixture units (WSFU)

Learn how to size your domestic water piping systems by finding the proper pressure load on the hot and cold water system.