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Health education resource library

School health staff play an important role in promoting student health. Use this webpage to:

  • Create and deliver health lessons;
  • Share reliable information with students and families; and
  • Link students and families to health services.

Resources that help health care professionals quickly create and tailor their own lesson plans.

  • Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum, CDC
    The CDC outlines characteristics to consider when developing effective health education curriculum.

  • Lesson plan template (fillable PDF), Public Health - Seattle & King County
    This lesson plan template is modified from the Understanding by Design framework and is intended to support school health staff streamline their lesson plan development process. This template encourages school health staff to brainstorm: a long term goal for their lesson (ten years from now, what will you want your students to remember?), three big takeaways from the lesson, how they will assess students have learned the material, and finally the activities, talking points, and materials necessary to carry out the lesson.

Bulletin boards are a great way to engage students waiting to be seen or people just passing by your center. Bulletin board ideas from Pinterest to get you started

Most of these materials can be changed to meet the needs of your school. Use the pictures you like, add in things specific to your school and feel free to take out any text or only use some of the messages.

Pre-developed lesson plans and health information that can be modified for a specific lesson.


Social and emotional learning


Resources for school health staff to support families in navigating and understanding various health topics.

Active living

  • Bike safety:
    • Bike Safety, KidsHealth
      Information on helmet basics. Information is also available in Spanish.

  • Sun safety:
    • English | Spanish, KidsHealth
      Information on keeping skin healthy during the summer months. Information is also available in Spanish.

Asthma management

  • Asthma Center, KidsHealth
    Information on what asthma is, how to prevent flare ups, how to monitor the child's health, and answers to frequently asked questions. Resources are also available in Spanish.


  • Vaccines, CDC
    Vaccine schedules, current recommendations, frequently asked questions, school requirements and laws, and more.

  • Immunity Community, WithinReach
    For families and school health staff working with school aged children to answer questions about vaccines with accurate and reliable information.

  • Immunizations: English | Spanish Washington State Dept. of Health
    Answers to frequently asked questions, immunization information for folks of all ages, and Washington State school immunization requirements. Information is also available in Spanish.

Oral health

  • Children's Oral Health, CDC
    Information on teeth and on what parents and caregivers can do to encourage children to maintain good oral hygiene.

  • Keeping Your Child's Teeth Healthy: English | Spanish, KidsHealth
    Information on when dental care should start, how to prevent cavities, the anatomy of teeth and more. Information is also available in Spanish.

  • Oral Health,
    Diet tips to prevent dental cavities and information on fluoride use and children.


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Well-Child Care: A Check-Up for Success: English | Spanish,
    Importance of well child checks, provides tips on how to communicate effectively with physicians, and a schedule of when visits should occur. Information is available in Spanish.

  • Seasonal influenza, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    Information on the flu including: an influenza fact sheet in many languages and the differences between a cold and the flu.

  • Child Health Profile Health Promotion System, Washington State Dept. of Health
    Keeping families with young children updated on current nutrition, safety, well-child checks, and growth and development. Families can receive this information by mail or e-mail.

Information to help families access health resources and affordable activities during the summer months.

  • Access and Outreach resources
    Connecting you to medical providers, health insurance options, and many essential services from food and energy assistance, to breast cancer and dental care options

  • Seattle Parks and Recreation
    Activities providing safe and welcoming opportunities for children and families to play and learn.

  • Summer Food Service Program, Seattle Human Services Dept.
    Provides breakfast, lunches, and snacks during the summer for children under the age of 19.

  • Food, Cash, Medical, Washington State Dept. of Health and Human Services
    Resource for families in Washington state.

Includes resources for families and school health staff to use when working with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Clear Communication, National Institutes of Health
    Clear communication and cultural competency.

  • EthnoMed
    Cultural, language, health, illness, and community resources available to care health care professionals helping families navigate the health care system.

Includes a quick reference of reliable health education resources for students, families, and school health staff.

  • CDC
  • Cooking Matters
  • EthnoMed
    From the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • MyPlate
  • Seattle Public Library
    Seattle Public Libraries has many resources to support school health staff and families working with young people. You can contact the library using their Ask Us form to get support finding resources in a number of topics. The more specific you can be with explaining your needs, the better the librarians can support you. The following are some things to consider when messaging a librarian: who you are, where you are located (what school), what you are looking for, how you intend to use the book/resource (read aloud, for parents to share with their children, for children to read out loud, etc.), what age group you will be using this resource with, and any languages other than English to consider.
  • Seattle Tilth