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Emergency Medical Services

Medic One/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is standing by to help you 24 hours a day with a system that provides a continuum of care that assures every patient the emergency medical attention they need.

About the EMS System

The EMS Division provides the core regional services that are essential to providing the highest quality out-of-hospital emergency care available.

King County Medic One

King County Medic One is a public service organization, a critical link in our regional Emergency Medical Service system, providing high quality, advanced patient care.

Community programs

The Community Programs Section of the EMS Division provides community-based programs to enhance three critical links in the Chain of Survival, including Early Access to 911, Early CPR and Early Defibrillation.

Center for the Evaluation of Emergency Medical Services

The Center for the Evaluation of Emergency Medical Services (CEEMS) undertakes research efforts in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.

Emergency Medical Dispatch program

The EMD program provides basic criteria-based dispatch training, continuing education and an instructor development course.

Strategic planning and data management

The Strategic Planning and Data Management section of the EMS Division assists with the development, implementation and evaluation of the system's regional programs and Strategic Initiatives as identified in the Medic One/EMS 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

Basic Life Support (BLS) training and education

We provide training and education for thousands of EMTs and first responders representing 28 fire departments in King County.

Medical control and quality management program

This program is responsible for the medical direction and oversight of the prehospital provision of Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Services.

Regional groups and meetings

The Medic One/Emergency Medical Services system in King County is built on regional, collaborative and cross-jurisdictional partnerships to provide one of the best pre-hospital emergency care in the nation.

Vulnerable Populations Strategic Initiative (VPSI)

VPSI conducts programmatic, scientific and case-based evaluations to assure that EMS provides the best possible care to all King County residents regardless of race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, culture, gender or language spoken.

Reports and publications

EMS annual reports and other key publications.

2026-2031 Medic One/EMS levy planning process

Our regional Medic One/EMS system is primarily funded by a countywide, voter-approved EMS levy.