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Immunizations for adults

Learn about vaccines you need, the Adult Vaccine Program, and more.

Where to get a vaccine

See where to get a flu shot or other routine vaccinations.

Vaccines you need (DOH)

Take a quiz to find out what vaccines you need, get answers to common questions about adult vaccines, and more.

For health care providers: Adult Vaccine Program (DOH)

The Washington State Adult Vaccine Program provides vaccine to participating provider locations for adults 19 years of age and older who are uninsured. Subject to funding, selected vaccine is available for providers to order for a limited time once each year. The vaccines offered change from year to year. 

Immunization schedules (CDC)

Find vaccine recommendations based on age, medical conditions, and more.

Find an Adult Vaccine Program provider near you

In Washington state, uninsured adults ages 19+ can receive some routinely recommended vaccines at no cost from a healthcare provider that participates in the Adult Vaccine Program (AVP). You may be charged an administration fee of up to $23.44 per vaccine. There are many AVP providers in King County, and most require that a person becomes a patient in order to get services. You should always call your provider or pharmacy of choice first to confirm they participate in the AVP and have the vaccine you are seeking. 

Find an AVP provider near you or use the map below.