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Resources for parents, kids, and youth service providers

Videos, activity books, infographics and more.


An activity book for school-aged children. Print as a complete book or as individual activity pages. Includes mazes, comics, find-it activities, and coloring, along with information for families about childhood vaccines.

Ultra Germ Fighters activity book

Note: except for Spanish, the cover and pages for children are in English. The information for families on the last page is translated.

Download in: English (2.3 MB),  Amharic (2.4 MB),  Arabic (2.4 MB),  Chinese, Simplified (2.5 MB),  Chinese, Traditional (2.4 MB),  Dari (2.4 MB),  French (2.3 MB),  Khmer (2.4 MB),  Korean (2.5 MB),  Marshallese (2.3 MB),  Mixteca Baja (2.3 MB),  Oromo (2.4 MB),  Pashto (2.4 MB),  Russian (2.3 MB),  Samoan (2.3 MB),  Somali (2.3 MB),  Spanish (2.3 MB),  Swahili (2.3 MB),  Tagalog/Filipino (2.3 MB),  Tigrinya (2.4 MB),  Tongan (2.4 MB),  Ukrainian (2.4 MB),  Vietnamese (2.4 MB)

A brochure for families with adolescents and teens.

Download in: English (345 KB), Amharic (249 KB), Chinese (777 KB), Russian (243 KB), Somali (289 KB), Spanish (353 KB), Tigrigna (253 KB), Ukrainian (215 KB), Vietnamese (280 KB)

A resource for any youth service provider. Includes information about:

  • Vaccines and the diseases they prevent
  • Child care and school vaccination requirements
  • Responses to common concerns about vaccination
  • Tips for talking with families

Download in: English (1.4 MB), Chinese, Simplified (1.1 MB), Russian (625 KB), Somali (613 KB), Spanish (602 KB), Ukrainian (1.5 MB), Vietnamese (679 KB)

An accessible guide for families about vaccine safety, delaying vaccinations, and more.

Download in: English (1.4 MB), Russian (1.5 MB), Spanish (1.4 MB), Ukrainian (2.2 MB)

Did you know, the U.S. has the safest vaccine supply in its history? Learn more about vaccine safety and monitoring.

Download in: English (137 KB), Russian (214 KB), Spanish (139 KB), Ukrainian (215 KB)

Vaccines do not cause autism. Check out this infographic of frequently asked questions addressing this myth.

Download in:  English (173 KB),  Chinese, Simplified (254 KB),  Korean (256 KB),  Marshallese (162 KB),  Russian (184 KB),  Somali (193 KB),  Spanish (172 KB),  Ukrainian (182 KB),  Vietnamese (191 KB)