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Inspections scheduling

When you use MyBuildingPermit or the King County Permitting Portal to schedule an inspection, you will search for your record, then select the inspection by name.  When you schedule inspections by phone (IVR) or text (SelecTEXT), you will enter your record number, and then the inspection code associated with the inspection you are scheduling.

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Estimated inspection window

The estimated time your inspector will arrive is generally available after 8am the day of the inspection. If you have provided a phone number, you may receive an automated message with the estimated inspection window.
Scheduling inspections

When you schedule an inspection, leave a contact phone number so the inspector can provide updated scheduling, if needed.

Online on the King County Permitting Portal
  1. Go to the King County Permitting Portal.
  2. Search for your permit number.
  3. Select the Record Info drop-down menu.
  4. Select Inspections then select Schedule Inspections and follow the steps to select a date for your inspection and provide contact details.
Online on MyBuildingPermit
  1. Go to MyBuildingPermit and select the Schedule Inspections button.
  2. Select King County from the Jurisdiction drop-down list and search for your permit.
  3. Select your permit from the search results. If your project is at the correct status, a list of available inspections displays after the Request New Inspections heading.
  4. Select the date for the inspection or inspections you want to schedule, and enter information such as gate codes or access instructions in the Message to Inspector field.
  5. Enter contact name, phone number, and email address for the on-site contact then select the Submit Inspection Request button.
By phone
  1. Dial (206) 971-9780 and make a choice from the voice menu.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to enter your permit number, inspection code, contact phone number, and requested date for your inspection.

You will receive a confirmation number when your inspection is succesfully scheduled.

By text
  1. Send a text to (844) 413-2653 with one of the following commands:
    • Schedule
    • Cancel
    • Reschedule
    • Results
    • List
      List provides a list of available inspection codes.
  2. Follow the text prompts to enter your permit number, inspection code, contact phone number, and requested date for your inspection.
Inspection codes

All construction projects should schedule a Pre-Construction Conference before work begins on the site. Other inspections are required based on the construction project. Not every inspection in this list is required for all projects.

  • Barrier Fence (027)
  • Exterior Shear Wall (200)
  • Final Inspection (075) 
  • Fire Inspection (266)
  • Fire Rated Construction (082)
  • Foundation (087)
  • Foundation Footing (086)
  • Foundation Walls (089)
  • Framing (090)
  • Hold Downs and Skirting (277)
  • Insulation/Energy (060)
  • Interior Shear Wall (281)
  • Mech./HVAC Inspection (282)
  • Other (134)
  • Pad Placement (142)
  • Permit Extension Inspection (165)
  • Pole Hole and Punch Pad (292)
  • Pool Structure (293)
  • Pre-Construction Conference (160)
  • Pre-Demolition Conference (432)
  • Structural (220)
  • Structure Removed (222)
  • Suspended Ceiling Inspection (226)
  • Temporary Occupancy (299)
  • Under floor Inspection (300)

When you schedule a fire inspection, the date you request is not guaranteed to be your inspection date. A fire inspector will contact you after you submit your request to confirm your inspection date and an arrival window. Your inspection is not scheduled until you speak with a fire inspector.

  • Device Placement (259)
  • Device/Panel Test (261)
  • Emergency Shut Off (067)
  • Final Acceptance (077)
  • Flow/Trip Test (273)
  • Flush Test (274)
  • Insulation Cover (280)
  • Nozzle/Head Placement (283)
  • Other (134)
  • Placement - Emergency Generator (290)
  • Placement - Tank (291)
  • Pressure Test (168)
  • Rack/Pile Inspection (298)
  • Run Test (191)

You can schedule site inspections for single family stand-alone construction. Scheduling site inspections for multi-family residential construction, commercial construction, subdivisions, and large clearing or grading projects requires consultation with a site inspector.

  • Drainage BMP Installation (150)
  • Erosion Control Inspection (308)
  • Erosion Control Installation (065)
  • Final Inspection-Critical Areas (350)
  • Final Inspection-Site (355)
  • Landscape Installation Inspection (110)
  • Landscape Maintenance Inspection (109)
  • Pre-Construction Conference (160)
  • Site Preparation (215)
  • Wet Season Construction (375)
Turnaround times

Response time is contingent on several factors including but not limited to: the number of inspection requests, staff availability, site location, and inspection type. Foundation, mechanical/furnace permits, and missed previous-day appointments are considered top priority.

For fire permits, you will receive a call back from the inspector with an expected arrival date and time. A requested fire inspection is not scheduled until you speak with a fire inspector.

On your inspection day

Ensure your plans are on-site and the site is fully accessible throughout your scheduled inspection day.

Your inspector's arrival window will be available after 7:30am on the day of your inspection. Check by text or online at the King County Permitting Portal for your inspector's arrival window. If you provided a contact number when scheduling your inspection, you may receive a phone call with your estimated arrival window.