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Take the transit operator self-quiz

Do you have what it takes to become a King County Transit Operator (Bus Driver)?

The questions below will help you decide if you should take the next step in applying to become one of our Transit Operators (Bus Drivers). Complete the questionnaire below to see if this job is the right one for you.

  1. Question 1:

    If receiving training, would you be comfortable operating a large vehicle up to 60 feet long in all types of weather and traffic conditions?

  2. Question 2:

    Would you enjoy interacting with a large number of customers all day, every day?

  3. Question 3:

    Would you be comfortable assisting passengers from different cultures and backgrounds?

  4. Question 4:

    Are you able to sit for several hours at a time?

  5. Question 5:

    Are you comfortable reporting to work on time, every day, regardless of traffic or other conditions? Note – Metro has seven bases located around King County, including Shoreline and Bellevue. When first starting out, you may be assigned to any base regardless of where you live.

  6. Question 6:

    Are you able to pay at least $88.00 for required Department of Licensing CDL testing fees and permits before receiving an offer of employment? Note – WorkSource offices may be able to assist those qualified in identifying funds to cover these costs.

  7. Question 7:

    Are you willing to wear a uniform and maintain a professional appearance as part of your job?

  8. Question 8:

    Are you comfortable working independently, often with little or no direct supervision?

  9. Question 9:

    Are you comfortable dealing with customers who are rude and disorderly?

  10. Question 10:

    Would you accept a job where your choice of work schedule, work location, and vacation dates are based on seniority?