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South County Area Transportation Board

The South County Area Transportation Board provides a forum for information sharing, consensus building, and coordinating in order to resolve transportation issues and promote transportation programs that benefit the South King County area.


South County Area Transportation Board (SCATBd) was initially formed in the late 1980s to identify and promote transportation improvements in South King County. Originally consisting of four member cities and King County, this formation expanded in 1992 to include 14 cities. This was accomplished through adoption of formal motions by each participating jurisdiction.

Since 1992, SCATBd has provided valuable input to the development of the King County Metro Transit Six Year Plan and service implemented in accordance with that plan, the development of the south county elements of the Regional Transit Authority's (RTA) "Sound Move" plan that received voter approval in November 1996, and has competed successfully for federal Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) funding.




  • Develop and promote a transportation system that will provide personal mobility choices for South County residents consistent with the goals of the Growth Management Act.
  • Develop and promote transportation and related actions that promote and sustain economic development, through efficient movement of people and goods, within the South County and contiguous areas.

Members (2023)

Position Member(s)
Chair SeaTac Councilmember - Peter Kwon
Vice-Chair Federal Way Deputy Mayor - Susan Honda