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Kent Vanpool

Save time, save money and connect with others—all in a day's commute!

Our $49 reduced monthly fare—offered to eligible riders who live or work in Kent—is a value you don't want to miss. Apply to be a volunteer driver and form your new vanpool with only two other commuters today!

Vanpool benefits

Why join a vanpool?

Convenience and value can be yours. Vanpool members share driving responsibilities and coordinate routes, work hours and pick-up locations for their commutes—everything you need is included in your monthly fare.

Van and insurance

Gas and tolls


Roadside assistance

Emergency rides home

Do you qualify for the Kent vanpool reduced fare?

To qualify for our special $49 monthly fare, you must live or work in Kent and make $25 or less per hour.

  • Kent Vanpool reduced fares are available until the end of May 2024 or while funding lasts.
  • Please note, you may be asked to provide income information more than once.

Vanpool is a convenient, environmentally-friendly option that saves time, money and fuel for myself and others.

Loan Rides Vanpool from Tacoma to Seattle

FREE test rides

Claim your FREE test rides

Take a test ride—or 3!—on a Metro Vanpool. Find a vanpool to join and submit a Ticket-2-Ride form and claim your free rides.

Sign up for test rides

Find an existing group


    Find an existing group

    Quick search for a group along your route by entering complete home and work address for the most accurate list results.


    Or visit to create and view custom trip lists, with additional search filters, personal trip calendars and available rewards.


    Coordinate your ride

    Once you’ve found a matching group, confirm the seat availability, route details and any group operating guidelines. Take up to 3 free test rides to make sure it’s a good fit.


    Submit your application

    Submit an application to begin riding.

    Submit your pilot application

Start your own group

Sign up for Vanpool, no matter your income or neighborhood

If you live or work outside of Kent, or make above the income limits for our Kent vanpool fare, you can still start or join a vanpool for a low monthly fare.

For more information about what a vanpool is and how to sign up, please visit our complete vanpool page, email us at or call 206-625-4500.

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