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Secure bike parking

Park your bike, then catch your bus

Metro and Sound Transit have racks, lockers or cages at most transit centers, park & rides and rail stations. If you don't need to take your bike along, park it where you catch your bus or train. Bike lockers are secure and weather-protected for your bike (or scooter) and related gear.


Download the BikeLink app

Use your BikeLink™ app or card to access on-demand lockers and SoundTransit bike cages where available.

Download for iOS or Android

BikeLink™ on-demand lockers

On-demand lockers (or eLockers) are available anytime with no long-term commitment.

Just download the BikeLink™ app on iOS or Android, or get a BikeLink™ card to pay as you go at only 5¢ per hour! Once you have the app or card, you can use any locker in the BikeLink™ system. They're available at a growing number of locations in King County and elsewhere.

  • Download the app or get a BikeLink card

    Find an on-demand locker

    See all secure bike parking locations

  • Open a locker and park your bike

    Bike to a transit location with BikeLink™ lockers. Open the app or insert your card into a reader and follow the instructions on the screen to open an available locker and park your bike.

    Tip: Wheel your bike in backwards because the locker is wider at the front for your handlebars.

    Woman placing a bike into an outdoor bike locker

  • Add parking time and pay

    Set the amount of parking time you need, plus a little extra. 5¢ per hour will be deducted automatically from your BikeLink™ account only for the amount of time you actually use.

    If your bike stays longer than the time set, the fee will be 12¢ per hour for the excess time.

    Note: You can rent a BikeLink™ locker for up to 10 consecutive days at a time. If you leave your bike longer than 14 days, the bike is considered abandoned and will be removed.

    BikeLink cards are used for renting lockers at automated pay stations

Bike cages are enclosed, locked bike parking spaces for multiple bikes and are secured using personal locks.

Bike cages

Enclosed, locked bike parking spaces for multiple bikes, including bikes of different sizes.

Currently Sound Transit has bike cages at several rail stations. Customers can use a BikeLink™ card for access to the cages (the cages are not yet set for the app) and use their own locks to secure their bikes to racks.

Learn about Sound Transit's bike cages

Metro and Sound Transit provide bike lockers for long-term use.

Long-term leased lockers

Reserve a safe, secure and enclosed locker on an annual basis

Leased lockers are for people who park at least several days per week year-round at the same location. Available at many park & ride locations, you can arrange for a lease and key deposit or annual payment through Metro or Sound Transit, depending on the location.

Note: Leased lockers are being phased out
Metro and Sound Transit are phasing out leased lockers to replace them with BikeLink on-demand lockers for improved flexibility. Download the app or buy a BikeLink™ card to start parking right away.


    Find a bike locker location

    Search for a locker location that will suit your needs and note the associated transit agency (either Metro or Sound Transit).

    Find a bike locker location


    Contact the appropriate transit agency

    Contact the agency responsible for the lockers at your preferred location. Please provide your name, contact information and preferred location(s). The locations will be a park & ride or transit center.

    For Metro locations, email

    For Sound Transit locations, email or call 1-888-889-6368.


    Wait for the transit agency to contact you

    We’ll get back to you with next steps. If no locker is available currently, you can ask to be added to a wait list.

Secure bike parking FAQ

Check the list of locker locations to see whether Metro or Sound Transit operates that location. Then follow the instructions to find out about availability and arrange for a locker. Availability changes often, so we don’t publish wait lists.

Find a locker location

Yes! King County Metro has secure on-demand bike lockers that are available to rent at many locations. You can download the BikeLink™ app (iOS/Android) or order a BikeLink™ card to access the on-demand lockers.

If there are no on-demand lockers where you need them, you can request to add new lockers at that location by contacting

A reservation feature is not currently available, but you can look at the BikeLink map to see continually refreshed openings (click on a location which opens a window about the site’s status). So far we have plenty of lockers available at the places they’re installed.

Check BikeLink™ map for availability

Nearly all lockers are not big enough for an oversized bike. The lockers are meant to store only an standard adult bike and some gear (helmet, bike clothing, shoes and bike tools).

The interior is wedge-shaped due to a diagonal divider, about 75" long by 26" wide by 46" tall at the door end, narrowing to about 5" inches at the back (load with handlebars at the door end).

Note: 2 Link stations have lockers that are full rectangles with interior dimensions of 84" by 34". The U-District station lockers are full rectangles built into the wall at both the Brooklyn Ave NE and the NE 43rd St entrances. The UW Husky Stadium station also has lockers that are full rectangles on the lower level. 

Bike lockers and cages do not take ORCA cards.

For the lockers, you can use the BikeLink™ app (iOS/Android) or a BikeLink™ card. The bike cages are accessible only with the BikeLink™ card

You can store a standard adult bike and some gear like a helmet, bike tools, bike clothing and shoes. Lockers have no floors, so your other items will rest on the ground unless you hang them from your bike.

Metro has considered cages but decided they’re not well-suited to our locations. Sound Transit has several bike cages now, and more are designed into some of the future Link stations opening in the next few years.

Find a Sound Transit bike cage

Bike lockers are provided only for transit customers to store their bike (or scooter) and gear when connecting to transit. It is a violation of your agreement to use the locker in place of home or work storage. 

For bike parking at home or work, ask your residential or commercial property manager or find out if your employer has an employee transportation coordinator who can assist you.

We have had leased (keyed) lockers since the mid-1990s. They are popular but only 1 person has access to each locker. If that person doesn’t bike on a particular day, the locker sits empty.

As we add new lockers we’re moving to the on-demand style to make parking available to more people at more times. Customers also have flexibility to use any on-demand bike locker in the BikeLink system.

Email Metro at to make your suggestion. We’ll consider factors such as demand, cost and space at the location.

Several factors contribute to our location decisions. These factors involve trade-offs, so we do the best we can! 

  • lack of current secure bike parking
  • over-crowded car parking
  • bike access to the location
  • high-demand for bikes on buses
  • leased locker wait list
  • transit ridership
  • geographic distribution across our system
  • property ownership and available space
  • funding

Equity is a critical to all our decisions. We support biking as an affordable mode of travel, which combines with transit to expand where and when someone can get where they need to go.

On-demand bike lockers are more affordable and accessible for a wider range of users than leased lockers. They’re low cost, they don’t require a long-term commitment, and a user can park at any location.

Together, Metro and Sound Transit are distributing these lockers widely so that they are convenient to many more people than in the past.

Metro does want to encourage biking and walking to our service. Open bike racks are available at every park-and-ride/transit center at no charge.

Bike lockers have value as separate secure spaces for each bike and the on-demand lockers are set at a very inexpensive pay-as-you go price of 5¢ per hour without commitment. This system gives users flexibility and encourages turn-over to increase availability.

For additional questions, see the General FAQ and Bus Rack FAQ.