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Protecting the environment

To help King County tackle climate change and protect the quality of life in our region, Metro has focused our efforts in the following key areas.

Preparing for climate change

  • We’re cleaner.
    Our boats use biodiesel—a renewable and clean-burning fuel that produces less toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases than petroleum.
  • We track energy use.
    This data helps us find new ways to be green. Example: we’re switching to LED lights throughout our system.
  • We reuse.
    All dockside facilities are furnished with extra furniture from other King County offices.
  • We watch our waste.
    Tracking the garbage and recycling produced aboard our Water Taxis helps us make decisions about how to manage our waste.
  • We adapt.
    The float range of our docks and maintenance facility will accommodate sea level changes, high tides and storm swells.
  • We prepare.
    Emergency drills prepare us to assist in disasters.
  • We look to the future.
    We are exploring new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, including alternative fuel sources like hydrogen fuel cells or all-electric boats.