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High Priority Repeat Offenders Unit - Early Plea Negotiators

Find out more about the early plea processes and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office contacts in Kent for high priority repeat offender cases.

Formed in 2017, the High Priority Repeat Offenders Unit (HIPRO) is a unit dedicated to reducing crime rates by focusing on the most prolific burglars and car thieves in our community.

The HIPRO Unit is the combination of the former Car Theft and Repeat Burglar Initiatives and uses many of the same approaches to reducing crime rates, including “stacking” cases and working to ensure that offenders stay in custody pending trial.

We also work to build relationships with police agencies to encourage:

  • Thorough burglary and car theft investigations
  • Prompt filing of cases
  • Community awareness of burglary and car theft prevention

Learn more about the Early Plea Negotiation Process


Bryce McPhee


Phone: 206-263-3510

Marissa Neff


Phone: 206-477-2267


Negotiate by phone, 9 to 11 am, Mondays, and email, unless in trial.