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Violent Crimes Unit - Early Plea Negotiators

Find out more about the early plea processes and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office contacts in Kent for violent and economic crime charges.

Case transfers to a trial deputy for 1 of the following:

  • Upon request for interviews
  • Upon request for redacted discovery
  • After case is set for trial

Generally, investigation by the defense, including witness interviews, does not revoke an early plea offer. Exceptions are made when a witness is a confidential informant, or a sensitive victim/witness is involved. The State reserves the right to revoke an early plea offer in other circumstances (such as a new crime is committed, additional criminal history is discovered, failures to appear, or violations of CCAP), although it strives to provide predictability and notice to the defense of any revocation.

Learn more about the Early Plea Negotiation Process


Mainstream Non-Violent Crimes


Tuyen Lam


Phone: 206-477-3151

M-Z (and all Marijuana Grow cases)

Alice Degen


Phone: 206-477-6521

Mainstream Violent Crimes

Jennifer Phillips


Phone: 206-477-1934

Stephen Herschkowitz


Phone: 206-477-1182


By email, phone, or appointment