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King County Superior Court

King County Superior Court

Welcome to King County Superior Court. Translated content (العربية, 中文, Soomaali, Español, Tiếng Việt) can be found here: Video Hearing Resources, FAQs, and Family Court.

Per Order of the Superior Court, a judicial officer may require masking / facial covering in their courtroom, in their discretion, based on particularized findings related to the judicial officer, staff, parties, case, and/or public health circumstances and issues. (See Emergency Order #37.) Any person, other than a witness while testifying, may still chose to wear a mask.


Letter to our community (June 8, 2020) from the Honorable James E. Rogers, Presiding Judge, King County Superior Court, on behalf of the judges, commissioners and staff of the King County Superior Court.


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WARNING: Superior Court Phone Scam Reported

Telephone calls have been received that appear to be coming from the King County Superior Court phone number: 206-477-2600.

The caller has identified himself/herself as a special prosecutor or from the Court, claims the receiver is under investigation or has an outstanding warrant, and attempts to extort money.

This is a scam. Please hang-up and treat the call as you would any unauthorized, fraudulent request.

The Superior Court does not accept payments or collect funds over the phone.