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Health and Human Services priorities regarding marijuana legalization

Marijuana use by adults has been made legal in Washington state, but it is not without health risks. It is difficult to predict how marijuana will impact any individual because it has not been studied as much as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

In the context of a growing market and evolving regulatory oversight, local and regional governments have an important role to play in monitoring the impact of this policy change.

King County is committed to:

  • Working with partners to apply a public health lens to this issue,
  • Protect the public from unintended consequences and
  • Prevent negative health impacts, particularly on youth
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Health and Human Services priorities regarding marijuana legalization

Youth Health and Marijuana

The King County Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program is a regional effort led by Public Health - Seattle & King County and the King County Department of Community and Human Services, with funding support from the Washington State Department of Health's dedicated marijuana account.

We look forward to working with community partners on this initiative to reduce underage marijuana initiation and use in King County by:

  • Providing information and training opportunities for the King County region
  • Utilizing data to inform programs and activities
  • Communicating with youth and adults who influence them about health impacts and the law
  • Engaging youth leaders
  • Supporting therapeutic approaches to marijuana-related discipline in school
  • Encouraging health and education systems to adopt and use screening and referral systems
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