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Auburn Narrows

A native Douglas Squirrel sits on a branch nibbling a pinecone

About the park

Auburn Narrows Natural Area is located just east of Auburn on the Green River. The approximately 100-acre site supports open meadows, wetlands and side channels adjacent to the Green River, and stands of mature cottonwood floodplain forest.

Auburn Narrows has had several large and small habitat restoration projects installed over the last decade, resulting in 65 acres of the site being replanted with native species. The former agricultural fields on the eastern half of the property now support a new side channel to the Green River, a large wetland, and areas where invasive control and plantings are re-establishing forests at the site. Additional habitat restoration work occurred on the western half of the natural area in 2009.

Acreage: 107 acres


The western edge of the natural area may be accessed through the City of Auburn’s Fenster Park at the end of 4th Avenue Southeast (in the vicinity of 2000 block of 4th Avenue Southeast, Auburn)