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Big Finn Hill Park

Volunteers work on planting at Big Finn Hill

About the Park

Big Fill Hill Park, between Kenmore and Kirkland, is both a 220-acre wooded oasis with 9.5 miles of trails and a park with a range of recreation options. Bisected by Juanita Drive NE, the eastern portion of Big Finn Hill Park has ballfields, a play area, a picnic shelter, and some unpaved trails. The western portion is full of looping trails through the Big Finn Hill forest that connect to a seven-mile trail network within Saint Edward State Park to the northwest.

The trails at Big Finn Hill Park are steeper in the north and south portions of the park, with more moderate rolling terrain along the ridge tops. Keep an eye out for deer, owls, hawks, and eagles.

Park activities and facilities 


Dog walking


Horse riding


Mountain biking

Nature observation


Picnic shelter



Volunteer opportunities



8106 NE 138th St, Kirkland, WA 98034


Nearby Bus Stops

234 & 244 @ 84 Ave NE & NE 138 St



There are two park entrances off of NE 138th St at Juanita Drive NE and at 84th Ave NE.



Trails can be accessed through the Big Finn Hill Park parking lots and from trails in Saint Edward State Park.



There are two parking lots within the park east of Juanita Drive NE. The only parking west of Juanita Drive NE is on-street parking.

Park History

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance blog has an informative post about the history of Finn Hill Park.


Relevant Links

October 2018 Cottonwood tree removal FAQs

October 2017 Plog post about bridge replacement


Planning Documents

Final Trails Plan (2014)

Final Trails Plan - maps only (2014)



Big Finn Hill Park Madrone Tree Analysis (2014)