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Come to our treatment plant sites to see unique artwork, enjoy nature, and learn about water. 

South Plant

Students walking over a bridge during a south plant tour

Located in Renton, South Treatment Plant offers free programs and tours for all ages. South Plant is also home to CitySoil Farm, a 1.5-acre food demonstration farm using recycled resources, and Waterworks Gardens, an adjacent public park with walking trails.

Learn more about the South Plant facility

CitySoil Farm at South Plant

strawberry garden

CitySoil Farm is a 1.5-acre teaching and demonstration farm located at South Treatment Plant in Renton showcasing sustainable farming; accessible, local food; and a native tree nursery.

Learn more about CitySoil

Waterworks Gardens at South Plant

Waterworks Gardens is a public park open year-round, dawn to dusk, located next to South Plant.

WaterWorks Gardens is a place where art, technology, and nature join in a unique way. Along with trails, public art, and native plants, the ponds of Waterworks Gardens filter and clean rainwater runoff or stormwater from the treatment plant. After passing through Waterworks Gardens, the treated stormwater flows into Springbrook Creek. 

View our Waterworks Garden flickr album.

Parks and trails near South Plant

The City of Renton's Springbrook Nature Trail and the Black River Riparian Forest provide opportunities to explore nature in an urban environment. 


Exterior of Brightwater Education Center

The Brightwater Education and Community Center provides a community space to educate and motivate the public to protect our water resources. The site features 110 acres of public open space with 3 miles of walking trails, an event center with rentable rooms, and an environmental education center.

Learn more about the Brightwater facility

Brightwater trails

Brightwater trail bridge

The Brightwater center and natural area were created as a promise to neighbors that the wastewater treatment plant would become a community amenity. Three miles of public trails connect the Brightwater center to art, restored riparian habitat, and stormwater treatment landscapes. 

Learn more about walking the Brightwater trails

Enjoy art at Brightwater

detail of Collection and Transformation

Collection and Transformation, detail, Ellen Sollod

Artists participating in the Brightwater project created works of art that expose the working processes of the system and engage the public in inquiry and discovery.

Learn more about art at Brightwater.

West Point

West Point aerial

West Point, located at Discovery Park in Seattle, treats wastewater from homes and businesses in Seattle, Shoreline, north Lake Washington, north King County, and parts of south Snohomish County. Seattle’s combined stormwater/wastewater sewer system also flows into West Point. There are currently limited education programs and tours of West Point due to ongoing, long-term capital improvement construction projects. 

Learn more about the West Point facility

Vashon and Carnation

Vashon Treatment Plant and Carnation Treatment Plant are both part of the King County regional wastewater treatment system.

Carnation Treatment Plant 

Carnation Treatment Plant, 2009

The Carnation Treatment Plant, located in the City of Carnation, serves about 2,000 people in Carnation’s urban growth area, with capacity to serve up to 4,000 in 2030. The facility produces recycled water that is sent to the nearby Chinook Bend Natural Area for wetland enhancement. 

Learn more about the Carnation facility.

Vashon Treatment Plant

Vashon Treatment Plant (May 2007)

The Vashon Treatment Plant, located on Vashon Island, cleans wastewater from homes and businesses within the Vashon Sewer District. The district contracted with King County in 1999 to take over operation of the Vashon Treatment Plant. King County constructed a new treatment plant (completed in 2006) next to the existing treatment plant.

Learn more about the Vashon Treatment Plant.