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Board of Health meeting agenda

Learn how to view or speak at a meeting and view the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

Meeting agenda
Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 1 pm: Hybrid Meeting*

*Hybrid meetings: Attend King County Board of Health meetings in person in Council Chambers (Room 1001), 516 3rd Avenue in Seattle, or through remote access. Details on how to attend and/or provide comment remotely are listed below.

To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19, all Boardmembers and staff will be participating in the Board of Health meeting remotely unless otherwise listed as a Hybrid Meeting. The live feed of the meeting will be streaming on the King County Council's website and on KCTV Channel 22.

How to provide public comment:

  • Join in person: You may attend the meeting in person in Council Chambers.
  • Join online:
  • Join by phone:
    1. Dial (US): 1-253-215-8782
    2. Meeting ID: 836 2614 2088

If you do not wish to provide public comment, please help us manage the callers by using one of the options below to watch or listen to the meeting.

Two ways to watch or listen in to the meeting:

Download meeting packet (5.6 MB)

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Announcement of any alternates serving in place of regular members
  4. Approval of minutes of the meeting of April 18, 2024
  5. Public Comments
  6. Chair's Report
  7. Director's Report


  1. BOH Briefing No. 24-B12
    Ongoing Efforts to Address the Opioid Crisis, Part 2
    • Dr. Mia Shim, Chief Medical Officer for Community Health Services, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    • Brad Finegood, Strategic Advisor, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    • Esther Lucero, President and Chief Executive Officer, Seattle Indian Health Board
    • Caleb Banta-Green, Director, University of Washington Center for Community Engaged Drug Education, Epidemiology and Research
    • Karen Hartfield, HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infections/Hepatitis C Virus Program Administrator, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    • Susan Mclaughlin, Division Director, Behavioral Health and Recovery Division, King County Dept. of Community and Human Services
  2. BOH Briefing No. 24-B13
    A Public Health Approach to Addressing Gun Violence
    • Eleuthera Lisch, Director, Regional Office of Gun Violence Prevention, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    • Aley Joseph Pallickaparambil, Senior Epidemiologist, Assessment, Policy Development & Evaluation Division of Health Sciences, Public Health – Seattle & King County
    • Karyn Brownson, Program and Community Safety Manager, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Division of Health Sciences, Public Health – Seattle & King County
  3. BOH Briefing No. 24-B14
    Board of Health Homelessness and Health Workgroup Update
    • Quiana Daniels, Board of Health Vice Chair

  1. Board member updates
  2. Other business


About BOH Meetings

Meetings are open to the public

All regular and special meetings of the Board and Board committee meetings shall be open to the public, in accordance with RCW 42.30. The Board may order the removal of individuals who are interrupting the meetings and may adjourn and reconvene in another location as provided in RCW 42.30.050.

The King County Board of Health meets at 1 pm on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in the King County Council Chambers unless otherwise noted on monthly meeting agendas.

Meeting agenda preparation

The Board's final agenda is prepared 2 weeks prior to each meeting.

Receive an advance copy of the agenda:

subscribe to the Board of Health email update service

Agendas for each regular meeting are provided to the media before each meeting via press release.

About hearings

Public Hearings on proposed regulations are generally held during the monthly Board of Health meetings and are noted as such on the meeting agenda. If you wish to submit written testimony please note the following:

Written testimony is accepted if received by 5 pm on the Monday prior to the day of the public hearing, or later, if the public comment period is extended by the Board at the following street address or via email at:

King County Board of Health

ATTN: Board of Health Administrator

401 5th Ave, Suite 1300

Seattle, WA 98104