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Virtual inspection guidelines

Learn about virtual inspection qualifications, requests, and responsibilities.

Qualifications for a virtual inspection

For a virtual inspection to be conducted you need to have adequate connectivity to take part in a Zoom video meeting at the inspection location (this may be a limitation in parts of unincorporated King County, as well as other locations). Other limitations that may prevent a successful virtual inspection are installation location, lighting, and camera quality. Please check all these before requesting a virtual inspection.

The following types of inspections qualify for a virtual inspection:

  1. Water Service, Unincorporated King County only
  2. Water heater replacements of like-for-like appliances
  3. Shower pan, if requested
  4. Shower valve
  5. Minor corrections (reinspection with restrictions) – based on program determination
  6. Plumbing finals with restrictions – limited scope (such as a missing air gap on a dishwasher, incorrect p-trap install, or replacement of an individual simple part)

The program will make final determinations on what inspections can be performed through a virtual inspection.

Requesting, timing, and logistics for setting up your virtual inspection

  • Virtual inspections are conducted Tuesday to Thursday 8 am to 2 pm for the requested inspection(s).
  • Virtual inspection requests received after 6 am will, at earliest, be scheduled for the next inspection day. For example, if the request is submitted Friday at noon, the earliest virtual inspection would be the following Tuesday.
  • If the inspection cannot be carried out virtually, you will need to resubmit the request through the Integrated Voice Response inspection request line. This will result in an additional delay.
  • If you would like to request language interpretation, please include the language you speak in your inspection request.

Request a virtual inspection.

If your request qualifies for a virtual inspection, you will be provided a process document with specific requirements necessary to perform the inspection.

  • You will receive an electronic invitation with a scheduled time and zoom link for the virtual inspection.
  • The inspector will walk you through the inspection process, identifying if any items need correction.
  • At the conclusion of the inspection the inspector would inform you of the inspection results.
  • If you need a correction notice, the inspector will send you an email with a list of items that need to be addressed.

The inspection will be documented on the fillable inspection form and will be sent to the permitholder via email.

Required equipment and responsibilities for participating in a virtual inspection

If your plumbing system qualifies for a virtual inspection you must have a device with a webcam, for example, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet and have internet access.

Download the "Zoom" application here.

The contractor or homeowner responsible for installing the work will need to be present and show all work performed. Inspections may include climbing ladders, crawling, walking on uneven surfaces, using tape measures and other needed tools, to name a few.

  1. Prior to the start of the inspection please have all necessary tools available to perform the inspection, for example; flashlight, tape measure, screwdriver, level, ladder, and the like.
  2. Make sure your smart phone / tablet is fully charged, with notifications turned off to avoid inspection interruptions.
  3. Be ready to sign into the Zoom meeting invitation from the plumbing inspector at the scheduled day and time. Ear buds with a microphone greatly improves communication.
  4. Limiting unnecessary jobsite sounds such as power tools, radio, among others, improves communication.
  5. When approved plans reviewed by Public Health — Seattle & King County are involved in the virtual inspection, these approved plans must be present for at virtual inspection.
  6. Each virtual inspection will begin at the street view to verify location, structure, and property address.

Note: during a virtual inspection when major deficiencies in workmanship, discrepancies, deviation from the approved plans, unsafe environment, or the like, is determined, the inspector has the right to cancel the inspection.