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Data and resources

King County data*

  • 2022 Drowning Data Summary: In 2022, King County* had 29 preventable drowning deaths. 27 of the 29 deaths were adults aged 18 and older with 58% being male. 55% of drowning deaths occur in open water such as lakes and rivers.
  • 5-year summary: Between 2018-2022, we've seen 135 unintentional deaths with an increase since 2020. Most King County* unintentional drownings happen in open water such as lakes and rivers.
  • See the most recent list of lifeguarded beaches and public pools (161 kb).

*King County data is collected from the Medical Examiner's Office.

Washington Department of Health (DOH) data

Specific DOH data requests can be made by completing the online Injury Data Request Form by completing the online Injury Data Request Form.