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Lake Sammamish story
Overview describing Lake Sammamish, its problems with phosphorus pollution and factors affecting water quality in the lake.

Lake Sammamish kokanee
Describes the dwindling population of genetically distinct kokanee in Lake Sammamish and actions that King County and other agencies are doing to protect and restore them.

Kokanee and chinook restoration projects in the Sammamish Watershed
List of projects scoped for fast-action and to benefit kokanee and chinook salmon populations in Lake Sammamish tributaries (2011).

Lake Sammamish monitoring
Overview of the lake including water quality graphs and data, and general metrics and statistics characterizing Lake Sammamish.

Swimming beach data - water temperature, bacteria and algal toxin measurements

Tributary stream water quality data

Report: Development of a Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of Lake Sammamish
Description of a mathematical model of Lake Sammamish developed to support affects of future land use and climate change possibilities on hydrology and water quality, and the resulting impacts on aquatic life.

The Factors Associated with Cyanobacterial Toxin Production in Lake Sammamish During the Summers of 1997 and 1999
An overview of Lake Sammamish water quality issues with graphs of water quality data from several sampling locations on the lake, spanning several years during the 1990's.

Greening your Shoreline
A tool for lakeshore property owners on Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish to improve shorelines for people and salmon.

Map of Lake Sammamish drainage area (2.1 Mb pdf)
Depicts the area that drains into Lake Sammamish; displays local streams and stream names along with parks, trails and natural areas.  Updated May 2014.

East Lake Sammamish Trail
Non-motorized transportation corridor and multi-use recreational trail along 11 miles of the former Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad corridor on the east side of Lake Sammamish.

Lake Sammamish Flooding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Find answers to questions about flooding near Lake Sammamish.

For questions about Lake Sammamish, please contact Debra Bouchard, Water Quality Planner or Curtis DeGasperi, Lead Hydrologist, King County Science and Technical Support Section.