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Raging River at a glance

Raging River, Snoqualmie Watershed


Located along the western edge of the Snoqualmie watershed, the raging River flows from the flanks of Tiger Mountain through Preston and empties into the Snoqualmie River at Fall City.

  • The basin covers about 32 square miles
  • 12.1 miles long
  • About 74% is zoned for forestry
  • Lake Creek and Deep Creek and 5 major unnamed tributaries
  • Largely forestry

Raging River Locator Map

Water quality problems (Snoqualmie Water Quality Synthesis Report)

  • Frequently too warm
  • Not enough oxygen
  • Contaminated with fecal coliform
  • High temperature during the summer

Core spawning areas for Snoqualmie chinook salmon. Also contains has steelhead and coho.

Raging River Thumbnail Map

Problem weeds

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