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The 44-acre Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area is located just east of Renton on the Cedar River. Cavanaugh Pond is the only Class 1 wetland in the Cedar River Valley, meaning that it is of the highest quality of wetland ecosystems. Cavanaugh Pond supports spawning sockeye salmon in the fall and provides year-round habitat for other fish and wildlife species.

The natural area is located on the north side of the Cedar River Trail. Cavanaugh Pond is used primarily for walking and nature observation.


The Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area is currently closed and will reopen upon completion of the Riverbend Levee Setback and Floodplain Restoration.  King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks will set back the Riverbend Levee and restore the floodplain in this area.  This project builds upon a long-term effort to protect public safety and restore salmon habitat.

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Acreage: 44 acres

Usage: walking, nature observation, bicycle (on 1/3 mile-long gravel road only)