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Office of Civil Rights

Commitment to Equality

King County Office of Civil Rights
Kelli Williams, Director
Chinook Building
401 Fifth Avenue
Suite 215
Seattle, WA 98104

TTY Relay: 711
206-296-4329 Fax

Hours: Weekdays
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

People with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations from OCR.

Let OCR know if you need a foreign language interpreter.

Our Mission:

To eliminate unlawful discrimination through education, mediation, and enforcement that is responsive to a diverse King County.


The Office of Civil Rights investigates and resolves complaints of discrimination, provides education, and offers technical assistance. We work as impartial fact-finders. OCR does not represent any party.
Enforcement brochure
Fair Employment
Fair Housing
Public Accommodations (discrimination in places of business)
Fair Contracting practices

KC Anti-Discrimination Ordinances

Fair Employment (KCC 12.18)
Fair Housing (KCC 12.20)
Public Accommodations (KCC 12.22)
Fair Contracting (KCC 12.17)

Disability Access and Compliance

The Office of Civil Rights helps to make King County government programs, facilities and services accessible to people with disabilities. Members of the public who feel they have not been able to access facilities or services may contact the Disability Compliance Specialist for information about their rights, referral to information or advocacy resources, or to file an access grievance.

Title VI

As a recipient of federal funds, King County government complies with federal laws which prohibit discrimination against people because of their race, color or national origin, and in some cases, sex, age or low income status. The Office of Civil Rights is a Title VI compliance resource to county agencies, and investigates public complaints alleging Title VI violations by the county.