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King County Parks' Capital Improvement Program (CIP) supports the acquisition, development, and rehabilitation of parks, trails and recreational facilities. CIP projects are supported with funding from the 2014-2019 King County Parks, Trails and Open Space Replacement Levy, the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET), and grants.

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Bridge and Trestle Program 

There are 86 bridges and trestles in King County's Regional Trails System, including 15 spans that are now more than 90 years old. King County Parks inspects, monitors load rates, repairs, and replaces these structures on an on-going basis.

in our 2014-2019 Levy we committed to repairing or replacing 14 bridges and trestles on our regional trails. By the end of 2016 we will have completed repairs and replacements on 10 of these 14 bridges including:

  • A major rehabilitation on the 400-foot Tokul Creek bridge
  • Replacement of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail #40 bridge near Mt. Si Golf Course
  • Significant stringer and cap repairs to the numerous trestles along the Snoqualmie Valley and Cedar River Trails
  • A significant scour repair project on the Sammamish River Trail

For the remainder of the levy, we will continue our inspection program, as well as completing at least 4 more repairs and replacements, including:

  • Replacement of the trail bridge that leads into Remlinger Farm near Carnation
  • Design of a replacement structure for the #2 bridge on the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail (near Lake Alice Rd.)
  • Tolt-MacDonald Park Additional Suspension Bridge Repair
Project Manager: Jason Rich

Burke-Gilman Trail - Lake Forest Park Improvements

This project is now complete. Read more about it here.

Derby Creek Flood Reduction and Habitat Enhancement

This project will alleviate seasonal flooding of the Northshore Athletic Fields and remove two fish barriers by reconstructing approximately 800 feet of sediment-laden stream channel and replacing failing, undersized, fish barrier culverts, one under the Sammamish River Trail and another in the athletic fields. Similar stream channel reconstruction has already occurred in Derby Creek upstream. This project will complete the downstream portion of Derby Creek, connecting it all the way to the Sammamish River.

The project is currently in design, which is funded in part by the King County Flood Control District. King County Parks is pursuing additional grants to fund construction of the project in 2018 or 2019.

Project Manager: Lindsey Miller

Dockton Park Dock Rehabilitation

Funded in part by a grant from the state Boating Facilities Program, this project will replace and repair piles, install additional flotation to stabilize the dock, replace cross-bracing on the fixed pier and hinge points on the finger piers, and install a new sewer pump station, water lines on the dock, and signage.

This project is currently on hold, pending negotiations with the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

Project Manager:Jason Rich

East Lake Sammamish Trail

Eastside Rail Corridor

Foothills Trail

King County Parks is initiating the design and construction of a one-mile segment of the Foothills Trail (formerly known as the Enumclaw Plateau Trail) along right-of-way owned by King County Parks. The trail segment begins at 252nd Avenue South, just outside and south of Enumclaw, and continues along a former railroad route to its terminus just north of Mud Mountain Road. King County Parks is working with the Cities of Enumclaw and Buckley to construct a bridge across the White River to connect both sides of the Foothills Trail.

King County Parks completed Phase I in 2010 of Foothill Trail development, constructing a soft surface trail on a one-mile segment of the trail from 252nd Ave S to just north of Mud Mountain Road near Enumclaw. Phase I also included improving the crossing at 252nd Ave S and installing a new pedestrian footbridge over a small stream that bisects the trail.

Read the2008 White River Bridge feasibility study.


Foothills 60% Project Design Plans:

Project Manager: Chris Erickson

General Facility Maintenance

With 200 parks, 22 restrooms, 26 picnic shelters, 60 parking lots, and 3 historic buildings, it takes a lot of on-going maintenance to keep our facilities operating safely and efficiently so they can remain open for the public to enjoy. 

Examples of general facility maintenance includes repairing roofs and restrooms, re-surfacing sidewalks and walkways, and maintaining building systems (ex: HVAC).

Estimated project budget: $2.2 million

Project Manager: Chris Erickson

Green River Trail Extension

This project will complete an important missing regional trail link by extending the Green River Trail north from Cecil Moses Park along W Marginal Way Place to the City of Seattle limits (see map). This project is currently in the Planning and Preliminary Design Phase.

King County Parks plans to present preliminary options to the public for review and input in the second half of 2017. Construction is estimated for 2019 or 2020.

Project Manager: Lindsey Miller

Green to Cedar Rivers Trail

Lake to Sound Trail

Marymoor Park

As our most popular park, Marymoor sees more than three million visitors every year, and with so many diverse recreation opportunities and historic facilities located there, King County Parks has on-going efforts to repair and improvement the park’s amenities and infrastructure.

CIP projects include:

  • Concert stage roof repair - completed in 2015
  • Concert pathway upgrade for ADA access - completed in 2016
  • Added netting at baseball field #1 to prevent foul balls from landing in the play area - completed in 2016
  • Electrical and utilities upgrades at parking lot D - completed in 2016
  • Habitat restoration mitigation and monitoring for the Connector Trail (on-going)

Upcoming projects include:

  • Install new pay stations and parking enforcement system - currently in planning/pre-design phases, to be completed in 2017-18
  • Park office roof repairs - Anticipated for 2017-18
  • Replacement of synthetic turf on ballfields - anticipated for 2017-18
  • Installation of security system - anticipated for planning and design in 2017-18
  • Upgrades to ADA pathways and lights - anticipated for planning and design in 2017-18

Project Manager: Annie Mathews

Maury Island Natural Area Remediation

King County Parks is coordinating with Washington State Department of Ecology to clean-up contaminated soil at Maury Island Natural Area. Air pollution from the Tacoma Asarco smelter settled on parts of King, Pierce, Kitsap, and Thurston counties, creating the Tacoma Smelter Plume. High concentrations of arsenic and lead from the smelter operations have been found in the Natural Area.

Read more about the remediation project here.

Project Manager: Lindsey Miller

Pathway and Parking Lot Surface Repairs

King County Parks is continuously repairing and improving the pathways, sidewalks and parking lots withing our system of 200 parks. Repair work includes spot pavement repairs, removing tree roots and installing root barriers, controlling erosion, paving, and site restoration. This work typically doesn't require closure of park facilities.

Current projects:
  • Lake Geneva Park - starting March 20, 2017, pending weather. Estimated completion time: 20 days.

Project Manager: Tri Ong

Pinnacle Peak Trailhead Development

Funded in part by a grant from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, this project will construct a 50-vehicle parking lot and trailhead amenities on the south side of the park along SE Mud Mountain Rd. Other project elements include constructing a one-half mile-long access trail and puncheon bridge that connects to the existing trail network and restoring pastureland.

Update October 19, 2016: Construction began in October, and King County Parks contracted with Pivetta Brothers Construction Inc. to construct the parking lot. The trail connection will be developed by our Backcountry Trails Crew. The parking lot is anticipated to be complete by November 2016, with trail construction and on-site restoration to be completed in Winter 2017.

Update July 27, 2016: Additional funding was appropriated in the 2016 supplemental budget, and the parking lot portion of the project will be constructed this fall. It is anticipated that the trail connection, site restoration and interpretive signs will be completed in the Spring 2017. The parking lot facility will open when all project components are complete.

Update July 22, 2015: The current project estimate exceeds the estimated project budget. Additional funding will be requested in the next budget cycle (2017-2018) in preparation for an early 2017 construction.

Project Manager: Linda Frkuska

Play Area Rehabilitation


There are 29 play areas in parks throughout King County’s system. King County Parks conducts annual safety inspections and removes, replaces and/or modifies play areas as needed for safety and life cycle maintenance. Each play area rehabilitation project takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to construct; however, construction is weather dependent and is subject to change. The current levy funds rehabilitation of 13 play areas through 2019.


Completed projects include:

  • South County Ballfields – Completed in August 2015
  • Cottage Lake Park – Completed in March 2016
  • Five Mile Lake Park – Completed in April 2016
  • Ravensdale Park – Completed in June 2016
  • Tolt MacDonald Park – Completed in September 2016
  • Big Finn Hill Park - Completed in December 2016

*Note: Skyway Park – Design is complete but construction is deferred until the Skyway Water and Sewer District project is complete, estimated for late 2017.

Upcoming projects include:

  • Coalfield Park – Design is underway and the estimated closure for construction is in April/May/June 2017

The schedule for additional playgrounds to be rehabilitated in 2017/2018 will be posted in early 2017.


Estimated project budget for was 2015-2016: $1.1 million

Estimated project budget for 2017-2018: $1.03 million


Project Manager: Lindsey Miller

Regional Trails System Improvements

With 175 miles of regional trails, King County Parks is continuously repairing and improving our existing paved and soft surface trails and other trail amenities. Surface repairs, such as removing tree roots, leveling bumpy patches, and replacing worn out areas, are on-going and sometimes require brief trail closures.

2016 projects included:

  • Soos Creek Trail surface repairs
  • Sammamish River Trail surface repairs and traffic control improvements
  • Lake Washington Loop Trail surface repairs
  • Other emergent repairs throughout the system as needed

This program will be extended in 2017 with additional pavement overlays in several areas throughout the Regional Trails System.

Project Manager: Jorge Sanchez

Soos Creek Trail

[Coming Soon]

Steve Cox Memorial Park

As one of the oldest sites in the system and a much-loved park, Steve Cox Memorial Park requires on-going repair and upkeep for the safety and operation of the park’s buildings and other recreational facilities.

Current Project

Repair and repave parking lot.


  • Scheduled dates: April 17 - May 1
  • Work hours: 7 am - 5 pm
  • Note: Parking will be limited to half of the parking lot throughout construction period.

Upcoming projects

  • Synthetic turf field conversion and other improvements of Fields #2 and #3

 Project Manager: Tri Ong 

Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center

With three pools, locker rooms, a banquet hall, concession area and 2,500-seat natatorium, the WKCAC is one of the nation’s premier swimming and diving facilities and requires on-going upkeep by King County Parks. Recent upgrades have included installing energy efficient lighting and scoreboard, replacing the HVAC system, repainting the pools, and improving the locker rooms.

2016 rehabilitation projects included:

  • Replacing starting blocks
  • Resurfacing bulkheads
  • Other general on-going maintenance and upkeep

Project Manager: Mari Gregg